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Four Christmas Food Markets Across the North East You Don't Want To Miss


Christmas Market
The festive season is a very special chance to eat and drink constantly, from the moment you wake up and nibble on some leftover choc to the last glass of port before bed. Grab it with both hands, then take a massive bite out of it

1. Living North’s Christmas Fair
1–4 December, £8

Christmas is a time of giving, of charity, of kindess to your fellow human beings. As such, there’s absolutely no reason why you should be fobbing your extended family off with Bombay mix and some old cheddar you found at the back of the fridge. Stock up on top nibbles, food and drinks from our famous Food Halls and pick up tips from top chefs like Chris Wardale of Blackfriars. It’s rather good, even if we say so ourselves.

Newcastle Racecourse

2. Christmas in Darlington
1–24 December, free

Ah, Christmas markets. A few years ago you’d only really see them in 17th century Flemish paintings, but these days they’re huge. Darlington are really going for it with theirs too: there’s a kind of fairground-meets-Moulin-Rouge vibe, a Spiegeltent (that’s an old-timey wood and canvas tent, by the way), food markets, and cookery and cocktail classes.

Darlington Town Centre

3. Woodhorn Winter Market
10–11 December, free

Top food and produce abounds at the market in Woodhorn’s workshop galleries. On top of that, you can book to go on the pityard skating rink and into Father Christmas’ stable grotto. Presumably the latter is a grotto which is in a stable, rather than a boast about the build quality of the grotto itself. 

Woodhorn Museum, Ashington NE63 9YF

4. Victorian Christmas Kitchen
10–11 December, free

Experience the traditional Victorian Christmas without having to put up with the inconvenience of cholera epidemics, laissez-faire child labour laws and having to build a time machine to get there. Watch demos for traditional Christmas puddings, mince pies, turkey and goose and take period recipes home to the present day.

Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens
Belsay NE20 0DX

Published in: November 2016

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