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Hexham Book Festival 2016


Hexham Book Festival is back for its 11th year and everyone from Mervyn King and Vince Cable to Mary Portas and James Naughtie will be there. Read on for our highlights

Friday 22 April 
Mervyn King – The End of Alchemy
The festival will kick off on 22 April with Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England during the financial crash of 2008. He’ll be arguing that a massive economic restructuring is required if another crash is to be avoided. 

Saturday 23 April 
Dan Boothby – Island of Dreams
This man has had an incredible life, travelling for over 20 years. Without the things we hold most dear – family, friends and a steady occupation, he was looking for the perfect place to finally settle. This story is about the place he found and its past occupier: Ring of Bright Water author Gavin Maxwell.

Sunday 24 April
David Lough – No More Champagne: Churchill and his Money
It may come as a surprise to hear that Churchill, despite being the grandson of a Duke and very fond of champagne, actually lived with financial difficulty for most of his life.

Saturday 30 April
James Naughtie – Paris Spring
The BBC radio and news presenter’s new book is a whirlwind of danger and fear. It’s Paris, 1968 and secret servant Will Flemyng is being threatened with exposure.

Sunday 1 May
Vince Cable – After the Storm
In his new book Vince Cable provides a unique perspective on the state of the global financial markets and how the British economy has fared since 2008.

Tuesday 3 May
Melvyn Bragg – Now is the Time
This novel depicts the events of the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381. The 14-year-old King of England was faced with a country riddled with the plague and widespread evasion of tax, then the unthinkable happened – London was invaded by common people demanding the complete uprooting of the Church and State. A must for the history buff.

Wednesday 4 May
Mary Portas – Shop Girl: A Memoir
This bestselling novel covers Mary’s life from her poor Irish background to the glamour of being the Queen of Shops.

Published in: March 2016

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