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Q&A: Emma McIntosh, Davidsons the Jewellers


Shooting Star by Lapponia
Family-run Davidsons the Jewellers has launched two brand new collections in store from Lapponia and Fei Liu – we find out more about them

Tell us about Lapponia.
Lapponia are a brand from Finland and they specialise in using the textures of metal. They’re more a group of artists than a jewellery brand; there’s a meaning or a story attached to each piece. They look at their environment and take inspiration from that. Traces is by a new artist, Liesbeth Busman, and the idea of Traces is that wherever we go we leave traces of ourselves behind, like tracks in snow or in the ground. We sell a lot of their silver collections. You think of metal as hard but it has this lovely softness to it with their surface texture. They look like they’d be soft to touch – it’s beautiful what they do.

What makes Lapponia special?
What’s lovely about the company is that although they mass produce things it’s all still handmade – it goes through about 16 pairs of hands. They hand finish each part of the production. It’s really a special brand – it’s so cared for. I’ve been to Helsinki to the workshop and it’s more than just a job.

What about the new pieces you’ve got in store?
These particular pieces that are new to this season have a new concept. It’s more than just jewellery. The women who would buy Lapponia generally have an interest in art or are into design – that real Nordic sort of look. It does appeal to a certain type of woman. It’s got a real sculptural look but also very wearable – we’re very excited!

Do you have a particular favourite piece in the new collection?
Frozen Amethyst is one of my favourites. The necklace feels quite heavy on and has a real coolness to it – you feel really special when you wear it. The way they finish the silver is almost white. I’m very pale but even on my skin it really stands out. There’s earrings and bracelets to go with it and it’s a really lovely set.

Do all the pieces have different meanings?
Each piece has a name and a meaning – Finnish names. One is called Suma. When you look at the piece, it’s strands of metal formed into a V shape. Apparently the word suma means when logs are going down a river and all come together, into a jam. The language is phenomenal. It’s a really interesting brand. One of the things they’re most famous for is having a necklace in Star Wars: Princess Leia is wearing a Laponnia necklace. 

What about the other new collection?
We’ve been dealing with Lapponia for over 50 years so Fei Liu is quite modern in comparison – only the past five years. Fei is the designer and was designer of the year in 2016, so he’s really up and coming.

What’s new at Davidsons the Jewellers?
The collection we’ve got is called Shooting Star. We’ve had a few pieces in but the collection has since grown. They’ve got this beautiful choker, it’s just mouthwatering because it’s so elegant when it’s on. It’s a blue topaz stone but it’s set with cubic zirconia. The way he cuts them is like a diamond cut so they sparkle; you could almost mistake them for diamonds because they’re super, super sparkly. Shooting Star has got this beautiful curvature to it and looks amazing. You can see where it’s been inspired by astronomy – they’ve nailed it.

It looks like one solid piece. How do you get it on?
There’s a hinge at the side. They were going to release it last collection and we saw the prototype then, but it wasn’t quite right – trying to get it on was the issue. They had the hinge at the back but it just wasn’t working. However, now they have come up with an innovative fastening. It’s got a smooth, streamlined look and you can imagine it being a shooting star, like a beam of light has just whizzed around your neck – it’s stunning. What about other colours? They’re doing an amethyst, a light purple, which will be lovely for springtime. This collection for bridal wear would be phenomenal. The collection is special enough to stand out but then you could wear it again and it’s always going to look special – it’s not tied to being just a bridal look. For all Lapponia and Fei Liu are quite different in their look – one is very feminine and glittery and the other more sculptural – they’ve both got this lovely organicness to them.

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Published in: May 2017

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