Where to stock-up for your summer barbecue across the North East and Yorkshire


They’ve got everything you need for a successful barbecue – from tasty burgers to succulent steaks, dry-cured bacon and cuts of chicken. Free-range and fresh from the farm, these meats are ideal for cooking food full of flavour. They also offer a range of creamy cheeses, seasonal vegetables and baked goods.
Don’t Miss: The Bally Brie – it melts like magic over steak, bacon or slathered on thick-cut bread. Stocksfield

This market in the centre of Newcastle is the perfect place to round up your barbecue shopping list, with a choice of butchers offering free-range meats, fishmongers with fresh fish, bakers for the fluffiest bread buns and plenty of fruit and vegetables to go on the side.
Don’t Miss: The French Oven, for some authentic brioche buns glazed with butter and baked to perfection. Newcastle
Keep your barbecue on the healthy side with low-fat products from HECK. They offer a range of delicious sausages, burgers and vegetarian goodies that are made from local, low-fat ingredients and are easily found in your local supermarket. From beef burgers to chicken, pork and chorizo sausages, and Indian-style veggie balls, they’ve got plenty of low calorie treats to sizzle on the grill.
Don’t Miss: The naked chicken sausages for a lovely, lean treat. Stockists regionwide

These Texas-inspired condiments, made by Newcastle-based Lizzie Hodcroft, are ideal for jazzing up your barbecue. Pick up a jar from Fenwick Food Hall to smother over your meat as a marinade or as a sauce to dollop on the top of a burger.
Don’t Miss: The maple bacon jam is the perfect sticky marinade. It goes best on ribs with a sweet, smoky and salty taste, that brings out the best in the meat. Fenwick Food Hall, Newcastle 
Flavour Magic provide a range of seasonings that work in harmony to enhance the natural flavours of meat, vegetables and dipping sauces – giving a magical final touch of flavour. Their premium rock salts and herbs are easy to buy from their online shop and are full of all-natural ingredients and pack a punch, so you only need a little sprinkle.
Don’t Miss: Their Harissa spice is a fiery blend of garlic granules, mint, caraway, cayenne, coriander, chillies and sea salt, which is perfect to turn up the heat.

Crazy Fred is brought to us by Whitley Bay-based Fred who has a passion for cooking with spicy sauces and chunky chutneys. He’s developed a range of flavours that you can browse on his online shop, from apple and mango to mint and jalapeño that go nicely with your meat of choice and also a range of fiery chilli sauces that turn up the heat on your marinades. 
Don’t Miss: The caramalised red onion chutney to sweeten the deal on your burger, sausages and steak.


The Peppered Pig in East Cowick is a jack-of-all-trades with a fabulous restaurant, hotel and a dreamy delicatessen. A trip to the Pigs Pantry can only end in one way – with your bags filled with Yorkshire’s creamiest speciality cheeses. Ideal for crumbling on salads, melting over meat or nibbling on after your barbecue feast. 
Don’t Miss: The Smoked Barwheys cheese – smoked for over two hours over whiskey-infused oak-barrel chips, for an oak and caramel flavour that is outrageously good melted over steak.   

This award-winning shop is the place to go to round up some of the most succulent meat to sizzle on the barbecue. With expertly prepared locally-sourced produce, you have everything you need for a great barbecue feast. 
Don’t Miss: The beef and caramalised red onion gourmet burgers. Thick, succulent and sweet, they go down a treat with a scoop of caramlised onions on top, and sandwiched in a big brioche bun. 

Order the tastiest chicken right from the source with Herb Fed. The chickens are fed over 10 fresh herbs combined with their natural cereal-based diet. They’re also free to forage in small flocks, meaning that they are naturally farmed. You can’t go to the farm but you can order a range of delicious cuts online. 
Don’t Miss: The Herb Fed chicken wings. Marinate them in a sticky barbecue sauce and get sizzling – your guests won’t be able to keep their hands off them.

Otley’s Bondgate Bakery are determined to bake bread the way it used to be. They use pure and unadulterated ingredients instead of being reliant on mixes and additives, and it’s all the better for it. Their baked breads are ideal to fill with smokey meats, cheeses and veggie delights right off the grill. 
Don’t Miss: You can’t beat a flour-dusted white bun and theirs are the fluffiest. Pick up plenty – you’ll need them. 

They’ve been providing the people of Leyburn with the best of local produce since 1868. You can come here and pick up vegetables from local growers, meat from local producers, a range of tasty condiments and (the best part) wine. It’s an ideal shop for stocking up on just about everything you need ahead of your barbecue. 
Don’t Miss: Their first floor – it’s where all the wine is – over 1,500 bottles, to be exact. 

Every barbecue needs a strong selection of condiments and delicious marinades. Malton’s The Chilli Jam Man offers just that – with a range of barbecue sauces, rubs and spices and of course, chilli jams (with a kick). You can grab a jar from one of their pop-ups around Yorkshire or from their online shop. 
Don’t Miss: The Rib Tickler barbecue sauce. It comes in three different heats with a mild, a medium and a hot flavour – so you can take it up or down a notch depending on what spice you favour.

Published in: July 2018

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