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Palate Freshener Italian classics, sushi and yoga


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This time: Italian classics in Sunderland, proper sushi and sashimi in Leeds and a yoga retreat in Huddersfield

If you like: Italian classics
Then try: The Scullery, Sunderland
The strapline – ‘jolly decent eatery’ – is a bit nauseating, but look beyond the faux-chummery and there’s a very lively and fun restaurant with a deep and broad menu of Italian risotto, pasta and pizzas, and a very good Sunday roast.

If you like: Spiritual wellbeing and a decent latte
Then try: Om Is Where the Heart Is, Huddersfield
If you’d been wondering what it was that helped power Town to their 3-0 opening weekend shellacking of Crystal Palace, the answer might lie here. This coffee bar and top brunch spot – the pancakes and Cajun eggs Benedict stand out – is also a yoga centre, with classes running all week. Huddersfield manager David Wagner’s glasses really make him look like a man who likes a quick chia seed smoothie while chatting about working on his pranyama. 

If you like: Real sushi and sashimi
Then try: Hana Matsuri, Leeds
This sushi bar on Meanwood Road has a lot of fans for its total commitment to authenticity – we don’t usually like using the word ‘authenticity’ what with it having been debased by beardy types who want to make their six-out-of-ten burgers sound vaguely interesting, but this is proper stuff. Half their Facebook page is in Japanese, for a start, but they’re super keen on fresh produce and traditionalism. 

Published in: August 2017

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