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Why sit down to eat when you can wander between pop-ups, sampling every continent on offer – here’s our pick of North East street food favourites to find this summer

The Best of North East Street Food

Papa Ganoush
Father and son team Tim and Tom Monkhouse are kings of the street food scene with their shawarma chicken wraps, homemade falafels and delicious halloumi fries. They’ve gone from pop-up to their very own Whitley Bay restaurant where you can make the most of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine in a relaxed dining space.

Tandoori Naan Hut 
They offer thick, pillowy naan with creamy curry on top which makes it super easy to carry your curry around with you in one hand while the other Instagram’s it. Proper naan, proper meats, proper sauces and properly hefty tandoori flavours. They pop-up at shows, events and festivals.

Now they’re not strictly street food, but the ethos here – craft, care and plenty of choice – is totally on point. Grabbing one of their pizzas, made on dough slow-risen for 20 hours with tasty toppings including oven-roasted chicken, pancetta and barbecue sauce – and eating it hot straight from the box for the street food feel.

La Petite Crêperie
The dreamiest of crêpes can be found at this authentic crêperie in Grainger Market. From Nutella smothered to honey drizzled and rapturously-received savoury gluten-free buckwheat galettes – there’s something for you all to enjoy.

The Doughnut Guy
The Doughnut Guy does doughnuts – exceptional ones at that. Get hold of a pot of three, drizzle on your chocolate, caramel syrup or raspberry sauce, pile on your mini-marshmallows, sprinkles and whatnot, and enjoy.

Green Guerilla
There's a growing veggie scene within the street food scene at large and Green Guerrilla are at the vanguard of it. They do veggie burgers, veggie pies and veggie sausage rolls that taste so great you won’t be missing the meat anyway.

Parm Star
Parmstar offer irresistibly gooey, béchamel covered parmo burger’s – all handmade, and the meat’s from top Yorkshire farms, meaning the parmo can stand proudly next to its cooler, more cosmopolitan street food cousins as a standout feast.

Tokyo Kitchen
This pop-up Japanese restaurant is a regular at the Quayside Sunday Market. They specialise in bento boxes – all-in-one comfort food tubs filled with fluffy rice, vegetables and panko-breaded meat or fish – as well as katsu curries and sushi.

Barrio Comida
Californian chef Shaun Hurrell is here to sort you out with some proper Mexican flavours at his pop-up. Try rare-breed pork belly tacos with guacamole, salsa habanera and pink onions. The tequilas are authentic 100 percent agave too – we’ll take ours in a margarita.

Fire & Dough 
This Neapolitan-inspired, wood-fired pizza van just fired up in April, with plenty of delicious pizzas to try. From fennel salami to spicy n’duja there’s something for all pizza-lovers to get a slice of.

Sghetti Monster
Pasta doesn’t strike one as the most practical of street food bites, but Sghetti Monster make it work. Alongside the classic spaghetti Bolognese, there's a monster meatball sub with purple slaw, basil, parmesan and garlic mayo and the gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan-friendly rainbow spaghetti which teams pesto with spiralised courgette and carrot. Find them at the Quayside Sunday market and popping up across the North East.

You can find Meat:Stack inside quirky Newcastle bar No 28. They’ve made their mark on the crowded burger scene with plenty of dreamy burgers to get your hands on. Our favourite – the Cease & Desist – a double cheeseburger with mascarpone, ancho chilli and black garlic honey with a portion of truffle cheese fries on the side.

The Little Fishy 
This is no ordinary floppy-haddock chippy – try golden, crispy, panko-breaded cod and twice-cooked chips with a sublime tartare sauce served in a box, or the ultimate fish finger sandwich. It’s classic British cooking down with gastro flair and style that got them recognised at The National Fish and Chip awards this year.

Published in: June 2018

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