Image of laurentia
Think there’s nothing to plant at this time of year? Think again: laurentia is an...
Flower covered in frost
Just because Christmas is around the corner, it doesn’t mean you need to retreat from the...
Image of poinsettia
For some, Christmas means one thing: rows upon rows of poinsettia dotting windowsills and...
Christmas tree in the snow
Before you rush off on the annual pilgrimage for the perfect Christmas tree make sure you...
Top tips for winter gardening
As Britain prepares to batten down the hatches for winter, it’s time to put our gardens...
Bruno Raffa
Discover the garden using smart technology and organic techniques to bloom
Mantlepiece with star decoration and flowers
We spoke to Elaine Forster from Pure Ground to find out why foliage is this season’s...
Image of small Cactus in blue pot
Cacti are cool now, don’t you know. The perfect low-maintenance plant. Here, expert Emma...
Image of garden and bush with pink flowers
Tweak your garden to help sell your home by following our tips


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