Vase of flowers
How to make your bouquet of flowers last longer, from how to cut them to where to display...
Hedgehog, Gardens, Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust, Wildlife
Prickly little creatures aren’t they, but next time you find one in your garden it might...
The North East and Yorkshire’s best places to find snowdrops come spring
Flower covered in frost
Just because Christmas is around the corner, it doesn’t mean you need to retreat from the...
Neat garden border
Multi-award-winning landscape gardener Peter Cunliffe is working with schools to inspire...
Orchids are Britain’s most popular houseplant, in part because of their ease of care. As...
Image of poinsettia
For some, Christmas means one thing: rows upon rows of poinsettia dotting windowsills and...
Hedgehog. Credit Les Stocker
Do you want more wildlife in your garden? A book by broadcaster and award-winning writer...
Snow covered pink bush
Heavenly horticultural h'inspiration


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