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Drovers Way Holiday Caravan Park has won a major conservation award for tracking birds that pass by its site

Stockton-based Drovers Way Holiday Caravan Park has won a conservation award for its work helping wildlife thrive in the area.

The 70-home caravan park has won the gold David Bellamy Conservation Award for the eighth consecutive year thanks to its conservation initiatives, including one this year that tracked more than 700 birds by attaching rings to them, in collaboration with the British Trust for Ornithology.

The hundreds of birds are ringed so their numbers, health and location can be easily tracked. Using drift nets, the team were able to find redwings, march tits, goldcrests, willow warblers and tree creepers.

According to Helen Brown, co-owner of the park, both resident and migratory birds are attracted to the area because of the large number of nesting habitats in its woodland areas and hedges, as well as the two fishing lakes on site.

As well as the bird tracking system instigated this year, the park also maintains two bee hives, home to up to 100,000 honey bees that flit between the wild flowers.

"Our agricultural background means we are always conscious of what impact our business decisions have on the countryside and its inhabitants," Helen said.
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Published in: March 2017

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