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Lawn Order: banish muddy gardens forever with Wonderlawn

It was a summer of two halves. We spent May, June and July desperately nurturing our scorched and thirsty lawns, watering them assiduously and willing them to live. When the heavens opened in August we breathed a sigh of relief… only to realise we’d be run ragged, leaping out with the mower at every break in the clouds and tracking trails of glorious mud through the house each time.

 If only there were a simpler way.

There is. Artificial grass is low maintenance, convenient and comes in a range of textures and looks to complement your garden. Safe for children and pets alike, it is ideal for families and indeed anyone who wants to enjoy their garden rather than be a slave to it.

Before you rush out and order your new lawn, there are a few points to consider.  As the North East’s premium artificial grass installation company, Wonderlawn are well placed to help you select the perfect product for your garden. 

How green is your garden? 
Get the colour right. Believe it or not, many international brands of artificial grass will not work in a British garden. They are simply not green enough. Wonderlawn’s specialist range of artificial grass is specifically designed to blend in with our verdant countryside. 

Suits you?
Listening to their clients, Wonderlawn discovered that not everyone wants the same look for their garden. That is why they have a tailored range of artificial grass products with different effects, enabling you to achieve the perfect aesthetic. Wonderlawn's 42mm pile Luxury grass is designed to look like it has been freshly mown, giving your lawn a classic, manicured appearance. If you are  after a more organic look, their unique 47mm pile Naturelle is a blend of colours, lengths and directions, creating the feel of a meadow in your back garden. 

Is it safe?
Many people want an artificial lawn to create a safe, clean area for children and pets to play in. Be aware, however, that all lawns were not created equal. It’s important to check that all of the grass is UV stabilised and contains no heavy metal in its construction. This means it is safe for your children to play on. You should also avoid synthetic grass which incorporates an undergrowth or ‘rootzone’ if you have a dog, as this can trap any dog dirt that is not removed. All Wonderlawn products use an infill which prevents any dirt making its way deep into the grass, allowing it to be cleaned easily. An important feature where the health and safety of your family and pets is concerned.

Recovery time?
The fitter we are, the faster our recovery time. The same is true of artificial grass. What happens when you leave garden furniture, sit or play on the lawn? Wonderlawn’s premium lawns bounce back every time, even from under heavy tables or benches. An inferior synthetic lawn will need brushing to make it stand up again — needless effort you will never have to put in with a Wonderlawn product. 

Once you’ve chosen your lawn, you will want it to last. Installation is key. Teams should be professionally trained and use industry standard tools. Wonderlawn never use external contractors and all their installers are fully trained. Check that your turf will be installed using an infill, not sand and a wooden base which could decompose over time. Many companies will only guarantee the grass, and as the sand washes away the wood can rot within two years. With Wonderlawn you can rest easy and enjoy your lawn well into the future, as they offer a 10-year guarantee on the whole installation, including the infill. 

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Published in: September 2018

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