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Living North’s top tips for achieving a healthier gut, for good.
Image of paint brushes
Living North spoke to Sarah Greaves, a North East-based art psychotherapist based in...
Beauty Flash co-founder and professional beauty therapist Lisa de la Plain describes her...
Biofeedback is a new concept taking the fitness industry by storm. But what exactly is it...
Image of lady meditating
If you want to get excited about exercise in the New Year, but you don’t fancy the gym,...
Have you ever stuck to your New Year’s resolutions? Honestly? Forget giving up chocolate...
Red wine being poured into glass
Red, red wine, stay close to me. We take a look at the health benefits of red wine that...
Image of woman curling her lashes
From swanky new tools to cosmetic treatments, here is Living North’s hotlist for...
desk and clock with plant
Forget the daily grind, we’ve planned a 9 to 5 you’ll want to jump out of bed for


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