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The CBD Revolution


This week we chat to Liam Jones, co-founder of CBD Asylum, to hear why more and more consumers are turning to cannabidiol-based products

Since Epidiolex, a purified form of cannabidiol (CBD) found in the marijuana plant, was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration earlier this year, news of the benefits of CBD has been making waves around the globe. Used as a means to relieve two rare and severe forms of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome, the treatment has been hailed by experts as a true medical advancement. 

Following the extensive scientific research of the benefits of CBD and a growing social acceptance surrounding the oil, Liam Jones and his business partner Alex Hope knew there was a gap in the UK market for CBD-based products derived from hemp. Speaking of his motivation for setting up the business, Liam says: ‘It started off as a bit of opportunism, but we soon started to realise the benefits of CBD and decided to take it on as a full-time venture. We’ve had a really positive response so far. It’s all about education – we’ve got products that cater for all different types of people and, once you try it and see the benefits for yourself, you can really embrace it.’

The company, which was first established in 2017, specifically looks to help their customers manage their varying lifestyles. All products are derived from hemp, a natural plant that has been recognised for its positive attributes for thousands of years, without any of the psycho-active ingredients commonly found in other species of cannabis plants. CBD is the key ingredient that can be naturally extracted from hemp and used for health purposes with no side effects. Even more interestingly, the human body already has certain cannabinoids of its own (within the brain and immune system) which are positively influenced by additional CBD consumed by the body.

Understanding that consumers may be initially sceptical of the product, Liam states: ‘CBD isn't in any way, shape or form dangerous. All our products are naturally derived, tested and everything is completely legal. If you have any apprehension whatsoever, do a bit of research but just remember, it’s completely safe.’

Although CBD Asylum is unable to sell their products for medicinal or healing purposes, the benefits of CBD have been widely reported across the globe. Reported to include anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic qualities, CBD has also been known to help alleviate anxiety and sleep disorders. 

The most popular product CBD Asylum currently sell is their CBD Oil, which Liam advises placing under the tongue for more effective results. ‘Milligram for milligram, you gain a lot more,’ he explains. ‘Place 3–5 drops under the tongue, leave it for 2–3 minutes and then let it absorb straight into your bloodstream before swallowing the rest of your oil.’

The company is also keen to target fitness enthusiasts with their products through their CBD Pro Shot. Specially designed to be taken after a workout for a decreased recovery time, the product is Europe's first fitness industry-focused CBD product. Acting as a water-soluble version of the CBD Oil, the product was designed with versatility in mind and can be added to any drink or protein shake. 

Speaking of their interest in the fitness sector, Liam continues: ‘A lot of the attributes CBD has can be beneficial to the health and fitness industry. Nobody else currently does that in the UK or Europe, so that’s our niche. We don't compete directly with any other fitness supplement companies because we don't sell proteins or pre-work out supplements, we’re solely CBD. This time next year, we’d like to think we will be the leaders in the health and fitness industry regarding CBD.’ 

Take a look at our top three CBD Asylum picks: 

CBD Oil 250mg, £24.99

A CBD Asylum bestseller, this product contains 100 per cent pure organic virgin hemp oil, combined with full spectrum terpenes.

CBD Pro Shot, £19.99

As one of the most convenient forms of CBD consumption, with the equivalent of 25mg CBD per serving, this product puts you into the recovery range after a hard workout.

CBD Disposable Vape Pen, £24.99

Fitting easily into your pocket, this convenient and disposable CBD vape is perfect for users who are constantly on the go.

Published in: October 2018

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