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HOW TO... Shave your hairy face like a grown-up


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Step One: The Prep
First up, says Iain Kane of the award-winning Village Barber Shop in Langley Park, is to make sure your face is ‘wet and warm’. ‘Shave after a bath or shower as this ensures maximum hydration of the hair and skin,’ says Iain. ‘It also warms up the 30-plus muscles around the face.’

Step Two: The Steel
Next, bin your 18-blade techno-razor – it’s not doing your face any good. ‘Avoid using multi-blade cartridge razors as it means you are scraping even more sharpened pieces of metal across your skin,’ Iain says. ‘A quality stainless steel double-edge razor is far kinder to your face and will also save you a fortune over time.’

Step Three: The Shave
‘Always shave with the grain of your beard first,’ Iain says. ‘If a second pass is necessary, shave across the grain but never against. Shaving against the way your hair grows is almost sure to lead to a sore, red and very irritated face.’ Don’t keep going in an attempt to get rid of every tiny bit of bristle, either: over-shaving will damage your lovely fizzog. 

Step Four: The Aftercare
Finish with moisturising balm, not alcoholic cologne or aftershave which can dry your skin out. ‘When you leave the bathroom after a shave, your face should feel decidedly damp to touch and never dry,’ Iain says. ‘Your skin will absorb the balm over the course of the next few hours which will keep it fully moisturised and actively repair damaged skin.’

Published in: September 2017

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