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Leg Work


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You’ve done your super squats, your leg raises and knee lifts but no amount of toning will help lily-white, dry legs look their best. Follow our fast fixes for perfect pins

Brush Up

A daily dry body brush pre-shower really is the fastest and most effective way to get skin glowing, improve circulation and eradicate dull, flaky skin. Body brush, £9 The Body Shop, branches regionwide

Fuzz Free
There are of course a myriad of ways to remove unwanted hair and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. The time and money spent on waxing, the mess and lingering aroma of depilatory creams and the quick convenience of bristle-forming shaving. Hair removal is deemed essential in our world of beauty but alongside all of the above, there is another way. At-home IPL uses light pulses to limit hair growth on legs, bikini line and even facial hair. An investment, but one worth making if body hair bothers you.

Pick a good moisturiser to rejuvenate skin which has been hidden for months. Packed full of powerful ingredients, the improved formula in this highly effective body treatment will quickly repair and hydrate the driest of skin and keep working hard to limit any moisture loss. Restorative Fluid Body Cream, £105 Sisley

A fake tan or wash-off tinted cream (applied carefully) will always improve the look of lily-white legs. Mix Charlotte Tilbury’s Supermodel Body, £45 with your moisturiser or apply directly to skin where required for a touch of flattering colour. Use to add shape and definition by applying more colour to the front of shins (and arms). For those who want instant and long-lasting colour without having to wait around for colour to develop Express Bronze Mousse, £33 from experts St. Tropez is for you. After one hour you can expect a sun-kissed glow, two hours means a medium tan and three makes for a deeper, just back from the Med bronze.

Long Term Tan
If you are nervous about fake tans or just like a little more control (and subtlety) then try Rimmel’s Sun Shimmer Gradual Tan & Toning, £6.99. Colour builds up with every application and the argon oil helps smooth skin too.


Future Proof

No-one ever said being beautiful was easy. These tried and tested treatments may take some commitment and a little bit of hard work but the benefits are worth it

Combined with caffeine, which has been scientifically proven to work efficiently on lipolysis, and reinforced with the marine extract complex, used daily Anne Semonin’s Anti-Cellulite Gel, £60 firms the skin, helps reduce the formation of new adipocytes, inhibits fat synthesis, and boosts the elimination of fat and toxins with its draining action.

Adapted for safe and effective use at home, the Philips Lumea IPL Hair Remover, £395 may be an investment but it’s an easy and effortless way to limit hair growth. Use twice weekly, the gentle pulses of light on the root of the hair will over time leave you hair free and with smooth skin. The Lumea works effectively on (naturally) dark blonde, brown and black hair but is not effective on red, light-blonde or white/grey hair and is not suitable for dark skin.

The body-contouring Fatgirlslim Lean Machine, £120 from Bliss is designed to massage, roll and pulsate cellulite to reduce its pocketed and dimpled appearance. Persistence is the key here but, combined with the clinically-tested fatgirlslim cream, it is clinically proven to improve the tone and overall appearance of cellulite on thighs, bum and even abs.

Unsightly thread veins are very common. Not as large (or potentially painful) as varicose veins they can be removed with laser treatment, light therapy or special injections depending on their size and location. All relatively straightforward in terms of procedure, they are carried out as outpatient cases at Spire, Washington, but may need more than one treatment. It is important this is dealt with by experts.


Published in: July 2017

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