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Losing weight can often feel like a constant battle. Have you ever considered Alevere Therapy? We find out more about the treatment offered at Silverlink Clinics

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Alevere Therapy may just be the answer to your weight loss struggles. The programme combines four elements that work together to deliver amazing, safe, efficient and sustainable weight loss results, through nutrition, ultrasound treatment, skin tightening and a lifetime maintenance plan.

How does it work?
The first stage involves a pre-therapy assessment with a medical team (usually around 30 minutes) to accurately measure your height, weight, blood pressure, resting metabolic rate and carry out a computerised body composition analysis. A blood sample will also be taken to allow a detailed analysis of your haematology, biochemistry (including cholesterol levels) and endocrinology (including thyroid function). You will have full access to all these results for your reference if you require.

Following your pre-therapy assessment you will have a consultation with one of the doctors for around 30 minutes to review the information obtained in the assessment and discuss your medical history and blood test. A weight loss goal will be discussed, a target will be set and at this point your treatment plan will be prescribed.

After this you will attend the clinic once a week for about an hour and 15 minutes to monitor your progress and health. During your appointments you will have two treatments: an ultrasound and skin tightening. A therapist will be there to guide you every step of the way answering any questions you may have. During each session you will be able to select food from a range of nutritional packets until you have lost 70 percent of your target weight, after which conventional foods will be reintroduced into your eating regime in a controlled way to allow your body to readjust. This will be followed up with a Lifetime Maintenance Plan to ensure the weight stays off.

Are the treatments painful?
The ultrasound is not painful and is completely safe. It breaks down subcutaneous fatty deposits in areas of your body. Once the fat has been mobilised by the ultrasound treatment it is then re-metabolised by the body and used as energy, any waste is flushed out naturally through the body's waste process. The skin tightening treatment takes place immediately after the ultrasound to increase collagen and elastin production, which tightens the skin as you lose weight. The aim at the end of the programme is that you are left with little or no excess skin. 

How does the therapy eliminate hunger?
Food is plentiful with Alevere Therapy. You will follow the precisely designed Alevere Nutrition Plan which contains a variety of vegetables and fruits, many of which can be eaten in unlimited quantities, meaning you will never starve. The plan is simple and you will be able to quickly and easily prepare many delicious dishes. The programme is great for busy people as many recipes can be prepared in advance making it easy for you to integrate the Alevere Therapy Nutrition Plan into your routine. These foods are supplemented with a regular intake of natural, purified proteins and amino acids to ensure that every patient’s daily protein intake remains optimal throughout their weight loss.

What does the Alevere Lifetime Maintenance Plan involve?
When you reach your target and your weight has been stabilised, you will have a post-therapy assessment with the medical team, in which your resting metabolic rate and body fat composition will be measured and your lifetime maintenance plan will be created.

The main benefit of measuring your resting metabolic rate after your weight has been stabilised is that it allows for an accurate calorie budget to be set. This allows you to choose foods that not only provide a balanced and varied diet but also supply the energy your body needs to maintain and not re-gain the weight you have lost. 
There is no charge for the Silverlink Lifetime Maintenance Plan. Initially the team will make an appointment to see you every two weeks for the first month and this extends to once a month, then three months once you are confident with your new weight. You can of course call the clinic at any time for advice. The plan includes regular appointments with the team on an on-going basis for advice and support once you have achieved your weight loss target. 

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Published in: July 2017

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