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Seven Ways to Make Your Christmas More Creative


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Creative ways to add a personal touch to your Christmas, without breaking the bank

1. Make pom poms
Wooly pom poms can look really affective made into garlands, or if you get carried away and make far too many you could make a fabulous wreath. Whether you have one left over ball of wool or lots of odds and ends, it really doesn’t matter. 

2. Make garlands
We all remember making paper garlands at school. Get all the family involved cutting out strips of paper, then staple the bands to make interlocking circles, alternating solid and patterned sides as you go. Use anything from old newspapers and magazines to old music sheets. They look great hung down staircases or draped over the fireplace or a large mirror.

3. Use those extra baubles
Utilise your extra baubles by filling a large glass vase full to the brim with multi-coloured decorations, or tie them in a bundle with varied lengths of coloured ribbon to create some extra seasonal sparkle.

4. Gather berries
On your winter walks start to gather winter berries, decorative twigs, pine cones, holly and ivy, and any old seed heads that you can spray gold to create wonderful organic displays to bring the ‘outside in.’ 

5. Make your own advent calendar
Create a indoor washing line with a decorative Christmas ribbon and use old fashioned wooden pegs to create your own advent calendar. 

6. Make snowflake biscuits
If you’ve been inspired by The Great British Bake Off, invest in some snowflake shape cutters to create stylish biscuits. Eat them, share them or hang them on the tree.

7. Get stamp-happy
Treat yourself to some Christmas themed stamps and get stamp-happy, decorating plain wrapping paper and tags to create a personal touch.

Published in: November 2017

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