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Jennings Motor Group Parts and Accessories Online Store


Jennings Motor Group Parts and Accessories Online Store
Dale Gillespie, Digital Marketing Manager at Jennings Motor Group tells us about their new online parts and accessories store

In association with Jennings Motor Group

Where are you based? 
Our parts storage is physically based in Stockton and Washington, but via our online shop we can supply parts across the whole of the UK. We’re also opening it up to worldwide delivery – we get regular orders for Japan, the USA and Italy! This is mostly because of pricing – we’re a bulk buyer and we can pass these great savings on to our customers. 
Can you give me a bit of background on the business and how it has developed? 
Jennings is a large, privately owned dealership group established in 1917 – it’s the UK’s largest privately owned and family run dealership group. Our online parts and accessories business is relatively new but we intend to pursue the same route as we have done with offline sales, offering our customers great value for money without compromising on quality of service or goods. We are also a main dealer group representing Ford, Mitsubishi, Kia, Seat, Mazda and Harley Davidson.

What services do you offer?
From the new parts and accessories store we offer online sales of genuine, manufacturer-approved parts and accessories. We regularly price check the competition and bulk buy, to guarantee our prices are strong. 

What’s special about what you do?
We’re unusual in that we offer genuine, approved manufacturer parts at discount rates, sticking with our motto of ‘value for money motoring since 1917’! It’s very important to us that we provide genuine parts for our customers – the safety and the ensured perfect fitting is vital, and makes the process much simpler for the customer. We’re regularly contacted by non-genuine parts and accessories manufacturers, and asked to sell these to our customers, but we never do. 

Why is it so important to supply genuine parts?   
Only genuine manufacturer parts can meet the quality standards of the original product.  It’s also important to note that our after-sales branches nationwide have tools and equipment to work with these parts and accessories, and this ensures that customers’ new car warranties are not affected by the work. We would never compromise on this.

How do you know you’re offering customers the best value for money?
We run a price check on our competitors every quarter, which means we can ensure the most competitive pricing. We also offer a price match option. 
Is it ever hard to find what a customer needs? 
It can be, but our technicians are there to help. We have a free ‘Car Care’ section where customers can ask them questions online and they’ll reply as soon as they can – whether the person asking the question is an existing customer or not. Sometimes the questions are very broad! You can see an example here 

Jennings Motor Group Parts and Accessories Online Store

Published in: May 2016

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