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5 of the Craziest Crazy Golf Courses


Mini golf iron and golf ball
Are you a whizz with an iron but not necessarily on par? Then perhaps you’re the next Rory McIlroy of the crazy golf world. Test your skills on the region’s best fun-filled courses


This is a golf course with a prehistoric difference... From diplodocus to the mighty T. Rex, this 18-hole course is crawling with life-size dinosaurs promising to put you off your game and devour any stragglers – Steven Spielberg eat your heart out. Navigate your way through the treacherous course, admire the stunning views (this course is on the edge of Longsands Beach) and then compete to win a prize on the final hole. Trust us, it’s roaring good fun.

Lost World Adventure Golf, Tynemouth



If you want to really challenge yourself, why not pop along to Holey Molies in Skelton – the home of the world’s longest mini golf hole, which is a staggering 264 ft long and starts high above the course. Housed in a large warehouse, this indoor course offers 18 skill-testing holes. With dips, troughs, climbs and bends it’s not for the faint hearted, and when you’re through the loser picks up the tab in the bar, right?

Holey Molies, Skelton



You’ve seen them in the magazine, you’ve visited with your family, you’ve probably even snapped a few selfies with them, now see if you can navigate Northumberland’s iconic landmarks on the golf course. Hook around Bamburgh Castle, slide over the Farne Islands and bounce off a lighthouse or two. Beaches Crazy Golf is the perfect place to swot up on your local geography and shoot for a birdie (strictly in the golfing sense of course).

Beaches Crazy Golf, Seahouses



Who knew there were so many dinosaurs wandering around Northumberland – all with a penchant for crazy golf. Yes, this course is also dinosaur-themed, but it has a number of super cool features. Perhaps the most picturesque course in the region, around the holes you’ll find waterfalls and water features, palm trees and beautiful foliage, as well as an array of life-sized dinosaurs – but watch out, some of them move!

Dinosaur Encounter Golf, Heighley Gate



If like Babylon Zoo you’ve always wanted to go into space, man, then this new course coming to Newcastle’s former Co-op building is likely to be right up your intergalactic street. The course comes from Adventure Leisure who are known for their animatronic characters, sound effects and lighting so it’s guaranteed to be particularly stellar. If the plans are anything to go by, we’ve been promised three different space-themed zones including the aeronautic workshop, rockets and the moon – we can’t wait.

Adventure Leisure, Newcastle
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Published in: March 2017

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