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2018 Wedding Food Trends


foodie trends that will make your wedding one to remember. Think floral flavours, creative cuisines and food fit for royalty
2018 Wedding Food Trends


If Meghan and Harry had ‘bowl food’ at their wedding then we kind of want bowl food at ours. It’s not your traditional wedding breakfast but it’s certainly a great alternative. What is it you ask? Little bowls of light (but delicious) dishes that you can graze on. They’re larger than a canapé but not quite a main course and come ready to eat with a small fork. The royal wedding party enjoyed four variations – we like the sound of the 10-hour slow roasted Windsor pork belly with apple compote and crackling. 

No food experience is off-limits in miniature form, from teenie tiny hamburgers to mini fish and chips and bitesized tacos. You can have some fun with out-of-the-box ideas and get creative downsizing your favourite dishes. 

With so many exciting vegetarian and vegan options around there are plenty of tasty dishes that’ll please just about everyone, from vegan charcuterie to root vegetable mezze and beet tartare. These are colorful, rich, engaging treats that are talked about long after the newlyweds head off.

After all, today’s all about you. So why not sync your food with your love story, taking inspiration from your journey as a couple. Get creative with where you’ve travelled together, where you’ve explored and invite guests and loved ones to share these treasured memories on your biggest day. Think bruschetta bites from that time in Italy and fillet mignon from Paris – romantic, non?

Treat dessert like a second cocktail hour to get guests up mixing and mingling after dinner. In lieu of large slices of cake and pie, why not serve an array of bitesized desserts like mini ice creams, little fudge brownies, marshmallows and a chocolate fountain to dunk them in.

Keep the party going all night long by giving guests a little caffeine pick-me-up. We’re thinking a European-style coffee bar with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and chocolate stirrers. And don’t forget about the whiskey and Baileys to take your coffee Irish.  

Flowers play a big part in your wedding day, you carry them down the aisle and they decorate the room – this year it’s all about infiltrating them into the menu too. You can take this theme to the extreme with cocktails infused with floral liqueurs, rose-flavoured jams, chocolates, macaroons, ice cream, marshmallows – you name it. You can even match your colour palette or bouquets to the flowers on your plate – familiar florals like lavender, lilacs, orchids, and pansies can be sourced for use in food. 

As long as you’re a fan of the Japanese delicacy these are a real treat. They’re visually pleasing with perfectly rolled, bitesize pieces of seaweed, rice, cured fish and chopped vegetables. Think rainbow rolls with smoked salmon, crispy chicken and prawns (to name a few) at the centre. 

Cheese is wheeling its way onto the wedding scene, from cheese-inspired wedding cake to cheesy pizzas and salads. But when it comes down to it you just can’t beat a good cheese platter. All you need is a big rustic board lined with crackers, a selection of wedges, wheels and roulades, bunches of grapes, chopped fruits and chutneys and you’ll have one happy wedding party. 

You can pretty much get any cuisine your heart desires with a pop-up van at your wedding party. They’re a real crowdpleaser with up-market versions of your favourite comfort foods. Suggestions include: wood-fired pizzas, halloumi fries, spicy tostadas, creamy curries and sweet or savoury crêpes. 

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Published in: August 2018

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