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Bridal Beauty Tips


Make-up artist Stephanie Wilson shares her to tips for the day

1. Gather inspiration from magazines and Pinterest. Particularly if you don't wear much makeup, this can be a great way to find your ideal look. Choose images that aren't too dissimilar from your natural skin tone/hair colour. Bridal makeup should be the best version of yourself!

2. Always book a trial. This is advisable 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day.  It's a perfect opportunity to establish a look that you'll be entirely satisfied with on the day. As a bride, your makeup is one of the most important aspects of the day.

3. Wear White. When trialling makeup, this will really help you to visualise how you will look on the day.

4. Choose long wear and waterproof formulas when it comes to bridal makeup. Not just mascara, waterproof eyeliners will give you confidence on the day - ensuring a smudge free effect!

5. Primer for the eyes and lips as well as the face are a must and will allow you to be Photographed all day and night knowing that your makeup is perfectly in place.

6. To avoid any nasty surprises on your wedding day, trial any false tan that you wish to use. It can be a great way to even out skin tone, especially on the body. Ideally go no more than a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone.

7. False lashes are a great addition to wedding makeup. Particularly individual lashes which can be used in different lengths to enhance thickness and volume of your own lashes without looking false. They also photograph beautifully.

8. Don't forget to shape your eyebrows! If you have them done professionally,  schedule an appointment a few days before the big day. A well groomed, defined brow will have a huge effect on the overall look and will really open up the eyes.

9. Don't be afraid to go for a bold lip colour. As long as you feel comfortable it can give a great alternative finish to a Bridal makeup. Bold reds are becoming a popular request from my brides.

10  Don't panic if you do suffer with any breakouts or unwanted blemishes at the time of your wedding. Specialist makeup can provide good coverage. I also provide camouflage cover up for unwanted scars/tattoos. Again, this can be discussed at the time of the trial.

Published in: May 2016

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