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It’s time to ditch your phone and put down the remote. There is a new, more creative way to relax in the evenings, and it all starts with a craft box

We’re all guilty of slumping in front of the TV or scrolling through our phones and counting it as relaxation. But who are we kidding? Does reading another angry Facebook post or finding out about Carol from work’s glorious holiday really make us any more relaxed?

These were the concerns of Saloukee jewellery designer Sarah Kelly. After fulfilling a large order for Anthropologie, she began to feel trapped behind technology and wanted a way to reconnect. Six months of yoga and mindfulness later, Sarah had formed an idea.

With one box, friends and family could gather together and slow down the pace of their busy lives. Taking a break from technology, the box would help people be present in the moment and really relax.

What could possibly be in this magical box? A masseuse? A bottle of wine? No, the idea was more creative. The box contains all the items needed for an evening retreat – recipes, a playlist, and most importantly, materials for each guest to make their own Saloukee necklace. 

And so, Sarah created Saloukee Home. Each box allows you to host an evening of good food, good company and crafting for four to six people. There’s a host’s welcome card with top tips on making the evening run smoothly, a set of wintry recipes, jewellery materials for all guests, and a recommended six hours worth of relaxing music. Dark winter evenings never sounded so appealing.

Find Saloukee at Living North’s York Christmas fair from 9–12 November 2017 at York Racecourse.

Published in: October 2017

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