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5 Trends For Your Garden In 2017


Pink bench in garden
It's time to start planning your move back into the garden. Gloves at the ready

1. Go bright or go home

Dark stain on timber is an old-fashioned look: inject some colour on your outbuildings with pastel shades, and get vibrantly-coloured furniture to put on your lawn. It’ll remind you of your holidays, and make your garden a more welcoming place.

2. Have shedloads of fun
According to the Great British Shed Survey, 96 percent of shed owners attribute part of their happiness to their shed. So get yourself a home away from home and potter about indoors – and become far happier as a result.

3. Get sensual
The joy of nature isn’t simply confined to the sight or the smell: your other senses, including hearing, touch and taste, can be triggered with the right kind of foliage. Prick up your ears by planting Nasella tenuisima, or Mexican feather grass, that’ll catch the wind and make a relaxing sound.

4. Reclaim and recycle
Not everything has to be pristine and perfect: the hot new trend in garden design is to repurpose old timber for decking, or to take items from builders’ merchants and use them as plant pots and installations in your garden.

5. Bring back the houseplants
Don’t have a massive space to fill with flora and fauna? Fear not: the big trend from the 1970s is seeing a resurgence, and high street shops are filled with spider plants and other easy-maintenance indoor plants. Get in the queue and ahead of the curve.

Published in: January 2017

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