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The ornithological housing crisis could be over if we all help out with a cheep home for birds

Did you know it's National Nest Box Week? Seven days where The British Trust for Ornithology encourages gardeners to help establish a home for their local wildlife to protect endangered species. Natural nest sites for birds are disappearing as old houses are repaired, removing cavities and holes in which our feathered friends can make a home, which means we need to create our own bird houses to help with conservation. 

It’s possible to either buy or make a nest box, which should stand between one and five metres above the ground, allowing potential inhabitants the ability to get in or out of their new homes easily.

Depending on the birds living locally, you could be providing a much-needed home for sparrows, swifts, starlings or owls and jackdaws. Make sure that the hole in which the birds can make their way in or out is big enough – you’ll need to make it at least 25mm for small tits, 28mm or larger for sparrows, and 32mm or larger for bigger birds.

Now’s the perfect time to put together a nest box as birds are beginning to prospect for homes, so take some time out this week to help out our bird population – and you can help match up a pair of lovers and prolong Britain’s wildlife for another generation.

More information on how to build or buy a nest box can be found at

Published in: February 2017

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