Don’t Stop Believing


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Keeping up a health regime can be hard – here’s our guide to keep you going towards your goals


Boost Your Breakfast

Bored with the same old smoothie? Heart sick of the sight of porridge? Break up your breakfast routine with something new. Blueberry and orange Bircher anyone? Low calorie baked eggs and tomato brunch? Don’t let a lack of imagination leave you leaning towards the croissant and latté calorie-laden option. If you don’t have the time, or inclination, then more and more healthy breakfast options are available to-go so check out your favourite deli or café and let them inspire you instead.


Book A Holiday

Or at least buy a bikini. There’s nothing like the thought of peeling off those forgiving layers to keep you focused.


Do It At Home

Fed up with traipsing to the gym? Working too hard to want to go out running late in the dark and cold? There are lots of great home body workouts which mean you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to benefit from a good, heart thumping workout. Or why not mix it up with a mood boosting yoga session. We love


Daily Boost

If you start the day right it’s often easier to keep going on the path of virtue. Wake up with a warm water (not hot) and lemon to flush the system, kick-start your metabolism and rehydrate. The burst of Vitamin C won’t hurt either. It’s cheap. It’s easy. And it does help.


Brush It Off

It is so hard to keep motivated when you can’t see the progress you want. One small thing which will help is body brushing every morning. Seriously. Not only does it help flush toxins and restrict the appearance of cellulite, it leaves skin positively glowing. Do it before every shower and you (and everyone else) will soon notice your new healthy glow. 


A Helping Hand

There are so many fantastic new supplements to give you a helping hand. Choose from hydrating powders to potent anti-ageing elixirs, Omega 3 rich capsules to protein shakes. Whatever you need, it’s now available in an easy-to-swallow formula which will give you that much-needed feelgood boost.


Do A Detox

When your new diet doesn’t cut the mustard any more try a detox formula to help cleanse your system, reduce bloating and remove age-old toxins which are weighing you down (literally) or book a colonic cleanse. It may not take pounds off you but it will make you feel pounds lighter.


Doing D

It’s this time of year when we are most deplete in vital vitamin D. Not only do you need it for healthy bones and teeth, it helps lift your general mood, ward off depression and research also pojnts to vitamin D’s appetite suppressing effects. Readily available in supplement form, vitamin D is found in salmon, egg yolk and orange juice amongst other regular foods. A walk at lunchtime is also a good way to boost your vitamin D levels as it is produced in our body naturally in response to sunlight.

Published in: March 2017

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