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Pickard Properties
A new development just three miles north of Leeds city centre offers long-term rental properties in a village-style community, combining the positives of rural and urban living

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Pickard Properties are a well-established family company with a large portfolio of student accommodation and properties for the professional market. Spinning Acres, the first new build development for Pickard Properties, takes its name from the area’s textile background.  

Each home resembles the stone and brick villas with open land that have made Far Headingley one of the most desirable areas in Leeds. ‘What we’re aiming to do is ensure that renting is a viable and long-term option for individuals, couples and families,’ explains Denise McArdle. ‘It’s a very British thing to own your own property, but we want to change people’s ideas about renting by providing high-quality properties that people want to live in for a long time.’

Renting long-term is an unusual option in Britain, with most opting to buy their own home. ‘There are so many advantages to renting a property,’ explains Denise. ‘There is no need to worry about the major costs of DIY and maintenance which can come with owning your own property. Many people also worry about their landlords selling their homes, with Pickard Properties, a secure long-term option is available for those who want to settle.’

The scheme hopes to attract all ages to the development, with a large village green sat in the centre of Spinning Acres creating a community space. Renting is a great option for people who move around a lot for their career, or who don’t want to be tied down to one place. ‘People’s lifestyles have changed  that they need more flexibility in terms of their housing options which is one reason why people choose renting, but this does not have to be a second rate option,’ explains Denise, ‘these homes are a first-rate option and with our concept to provide outstanding properties for rental this unique scheme can give the renter a sense of belonging and community. Renting can be a long-term option as well.’

Built in a conservation area, the properties have been designed to be in keeping with the surrounding area and buildings. ‘All the properties are of natural stone with stone bays, so they are not budget builds,’ explains Denise. 'They come with front and rear gardens, and are exceptionally large compared to many new builds'. Phase One, which has recently been completed, consists of a range of four bedroom properties, a five bedroom semi-detached property and a two bedroom converted stable.

‘We want to attract all ages. The four and five bedroom houses are perfect for families as they have large, open-plan kitchens and multiple bathrooms,’ says Denise. ‘All of the bedrooms are doubles,’ she continues. ‘The properties are light and airy and there really has been no compromise on space. Many of the houses have their own driveways, but there is plenty of parking in front of the houses too.’

The second and third phase of the development will focus on apartments, while the final phase will focus on retirement accommodation, as well as beautiful converted stone-built villas which will appeal to those who like traditional properties with character. ‘The one and two bedroom apartments in Phase Two will attract a lot of young professionals and commuters, then we’ve got the converted buildings which tend to appeal to more mature renters,’ Denise explains. ‘Phase Three, at the end of the scheme, is over-55 accommodation for people that are retired.’ Phase Two and Three are expected to be completed towards the end of August. 

Each property is individually styled in terms of colour scheme, fixtures and fittings. Each home has a German-engineered kitchen with integrated appliances, and every bathroom is fully tiled in ceramic tiles sourced from Italy. ‘So far we’ve had a terrific response to Spinning Acres,’ says Denise. ‘We’ve had so many enquiries and the launch isn’t until the 17th April!’ 

Spinning Acres will launch on 17th April 2018.

Visit www.pickardproperties.co.uk to register your interest and find out more about Spinning Acres. 

Published in: April 2018

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