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child making a paper crown Images: Hobbycraft
May 2023
Reading time 10 minutes

Get ready for the Coronation of King Charles III by making this showstopping crown fit for a king!

This easy step-by-step tutorial is the perfect project for kids to make this May, and they can customise their masterpiece with bright-coloured jewels or add some glitter to take it to the next level.
little girl wearing her handmade gold paper crown

Makes: 1 | Level: Beginner


16 sheets of A4 gold foil paper
Double-sided sticky tape
Acrylic jewels
100cm x 50cm purple crepe paper
Clear tape


Before you begin, print and cut out these templates.

1. Start by placing the long rectangular template pieces onto the back of the gold card and trace around them using a pencil. Carefully cut out using a pair of scissors – two of the wide strips will make a crown base big enough to fit a child but cut an additional strip if you would like a bigger crown.

2. Next, trace around the decorative templates for the crown using gold card, and place to one side once complete.

3. Assemble the base of the crown into a ring using glue or double-sided tape – if using glue, use two pegs to hold the pieces in place while the glue sets.

4. Take the thin strips and bend one end back by 2.5cm (the folded ends will form the top of the crown). Take the non-folded ends of the thin strips and secure them to the base of your crown using double-sided tape or glue; position one strip at the front, one at the back and one on each of the sides.

5. Bring the folded tops of the strips together at the top of the crown and stack them one on top of another, securing the ends in place with double-sided tape. Once the glue has dried, decorate the front of your crown with the shapes cut from gold card in step 2.

6. Take a small strip of gold card, measuring approximately 2.5cm x 5cm, and fold the edges in towards the middle (this will form a stand to allow you to display the cross on top of your crown securely). Trim the edges so they won’t be visible when you sandwich the top of your crown together. Use double-sided tape to attach the element to the top of your crown.

7. Decorate your crown with acrylic jewels, securing them in place with double-sided tape.

8. Cut a circular piece of crepe paper that measures larger than the base circumference of your crown (this doesn’t need to be exact). Apply a strip of double-sided tape to the inside of your crown and carefully attach the crepe paper. Use small pieces of tape to attach the open edges of the crepe paper.

9. Wear your crown with pride as King Charles III is crowned himself.

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