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Getting to know… Marketplace


Indie-pop band, Marketplace, from Hartlepool, have released their brand new single, ‘Charlie’. We discovered their music after they were awarded track of the week on BBC Tees Introducing; now we catch up to find out more…

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

We’re an indie pop five-piece based out of Hartlepool, and we formed in late 2017.

When/how did you get into music? 

I think we’ve individually always been into music in various ways, but this is the first band any of us have been in so I suppose our interest has grown through being around each other over the last few years.

Who inspires you musically and why?

As a group, I think our biggest influences (with regards to the initial drive to start a band and play music together) were the indie bands from when we were teenagers – like The Magic Gang and Blaenavon. Sonically though, I reckon we’re much more inspired by (and listen to way more) American midwest emo and indie stuff, loads of Hippo Campus and Alvvays for example. Recently, a fair bit of Japanese Breakfast too. 

What have you missed most about performing live? 

We’ve missed the atmosphere for sure. All the prep that goes in, like rehearsing, really gets you excited to play. We love doing gigs when the other acts are bands you really enjoy listening to as well, because you essentially get a great free gig out of it all!

Tell us a bit about ‘Charlie'. What was the inspiration behind that?

Charlie was written by Joel, our lead singer and bassist, sometime in the first lockdown. We finessed most of it in his parents' pub though. At the time, we were into glittery pop stuff and it just felt cool to play! Charlie is actually Joel’s nephew who hadn’t long been born. Lyrically, it's about coping with loss and how to prepare yourself for that.

How has the North influenced your music?

The North is a pretty straight-forward place, no fussing about, and I suppose the stuff we make is straight-forward too; just all about enjoying things as they are and getting the point across. 

What do you love most about the North East?

As we’re from Hartlepool, the coast is a big one! The Teesside music scene is unbelievable as well – engaging and such a strong community between everyone involved. 

A lot of North East venues have been struggling. Could you highlight any of your favourites?

Base Camp in Middlesbrough is up there. The Georgian Theatre in Stockton is one we really like as well; the main room seems to feel like a different space every time we go. And The Studio in Hartlepool. It’s our home town venue, we’ve played the best gigs ever there, and there’s just so many quality memories.

Hopes for the future?

Short term? Finish our EP and sort some new merch out. Long term? To do this as our jobs on a bigger scale.

Published in: June 2021

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