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10 Places For Buying BBQ Essentials


Meat cooking on a BBQ
The charcoal’s smoking and nobody’s touched the potato salad. Yep, it’s barbecue season, so make it spectacular with offerings from the region’s best shops

Based in Bedale, these sausage-makers have achieved what scientists previously thought impossible: they’ve made a chicken sausage which is actually delicious. While it might take you a while to accept the idea, they’ll be an instant hit with your tastebuds. 

Pop into this bright, timber-framed farm shop for some of their Northumberland-raised beef, sausages and other meats, handily, there are barbecue packs on offer with a pick-and-mix of their best grill-ready bits and pieces.

Hunters of Helmsley
This award-winning delicatessen has earned its reputation as a renowned deli, providing the very best local, British and continental artisan food.  From super sausages and fine cured hams and salamis, to savoury pastries, salads and olives. 

Geordie Banger Co
These bangers are inspired by traditional Geordie cooking, referencing flavours like pease pudding and Brown Ale. They’re always on the lookout for new flavours to try too, though their classic pork Geordie Banger with leek, mushroom and onion does take some beating. Catch them at markets around the region.

North Acomb
Most of North Acomb’s stock of Aberdeen Angus beef is raised on site and all of it is hung for at least three weeks before it hits the shelves, making it tender and flavoursome beyond belief. Their sausages cleave closely to traditional flavours rather than novelty: it’s Cumberland, pork and judiciously chosen herbs around here.

Knitsley Farm Shop
The selection here includes sausages made from shoulder and belly cuts from fine breeds like Saddlebacks, Gloucester Old Spot, Oxford Sandy and Black and British Lop crosses, along with gourmet editions of classically English flavour combinations: take the pork and red onion marmalade for a particularly excellent example.

C Nicholson and Son
With over a century of experience in the art of butchery, Nicholson’s have extended their range of sausages to include such outre fare as pork, coriander and black pudding and lamb and apricot, alongside homemade beef-burgers and ready-to-cook kebabs: try the lamb and mint or chilli beef varieties.

Charlotte’s Butchery
Charlotte Harbottle has beaten a path to the top via stints at prestigious butchers like O’Shea’s in Knightsbridge and Lidgate’s in Holland Park, before returning to her native Newcastle to open her own shop in 2013. The duck and wasabi sausages need to be tasted to be believed.

With their superior steaks, burgers (try the Worcester sauce and mustard-augmented ones) and Spanish, Greek and Indian-accented kebab range, Turnbulls are really spoiling us. That’s before you get to their marinades, and their sausages are a league apart too: some come laced with Lindisfarne mead, honey and herbs, others with apples, apricots and Alnwick rum. 

Blacker Hall Farm Shop
Named the best farm retailer in Britain at 2014’s National FARMA Awards, the team produces more than 80 percent of the stock in its shop. Their meat and fresh bread and cakes are rightly revered, and there are recipe cards available too should you be lacking culinary inspiration – not that that’s likely in so well-stocked a shop.

Published in: June 2016

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