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Exhibitor Testimonials:

'The Living North Shows, both for location and timing, are some of the best shows we attend in our very full calendar. The staff is a pleasure to work with and each event is very well organised and attended. These shows are great for both visitors and exhibitors alike making them a winning combination for everyone concerned. Always an event to look forward to!'
The Knife Sharpener Guy

'I have exhibited with Living North at York since the very first show back in 2014. I find these shows to be amongst the best particularly the festive four day show in November. Also having both Spring and Christmas means the customers can see different products that are in season. The footfall of customers is very good, with many returning year after year as well as new customers. The price of the stands is also very competitive which means a better deal all around for the exhibitors. The marketing of the events is very thorough, and the events are visually signposted really well. I have and will continue to recommend these fairs to both exhibitors and customer’s alike for very enjoyable events.'
Glad Rags Boutique

'Living North's York racecourse fairs are really busy and have become a staple of our annual event calendar. They are always well organised, with friendly and helpful staff. Over the years we've attracted lots of new and repeat customers who love the shopping environment.'
All's Fair

‘The Living North Christmas Fair at York was a fantastic experience for me as an exhibitor. It was my first time this year, however will definitely be attending next year. There was assistance on set-up and packing up which removed any stress and even made those times an enjoyable experience! I could not thank the helpers enough. Every day ran smoothly, the footfall was great and there is always someone on hand to ask for any help. I would highly recommend if you are considering exhibiting at this event.'

'The Living North events are some of the most professional and well organised events in our calendar.  Really warm, friendly people to work with and always considerate of the traders well-being in order to maximise our potential.  Footfall is excellent and grows year on year.  The customers are always willing to spend !!'
Blueberry Hill Preserves

'The Living North Fairs, both Christmas and Spring are some of the best events that we exhibit at throughout the year.  They are always very well attended, with an excellent quality of customer who is visiting the event with a shopping mindset.  The team are friendly and a pleasure to work with and the venues are convenient both for exhibitors with easy access for setting up, and for visitors to park and shop on the day.'
Rebecca Pitcher

'As a growing local business, The Living North Christmas event at both Newcastle and York is a great platform to promote our diverse products. The individuals attending the shows are the people we need to attract to our website. The Living North team work hard to ensure the event is both successful for the stand holders and shoppers alike. The new venue at Newcastle worked well for us and as a business we look forward to continuing to work closely with the Living North team. Thank you, Living North Team.'
The Luxe Company

‘The Living North Christmas event at York is without a doubt our best event in the run-up to Christmas. The customers this show attracts are our target market and we find our products perfectly placed. The venue always looks fabulous and the team are a pleasure to deal with. This helpful attitude begins with the initial booking and continues right through to set-up where extra helping hands are always available and happy to help. This show is always a definite on our calendar.’ 

‘We had a record weekend at Living North's Christmas Fair in York and our brand is building really nicely with your customer base. The number of people repeat purchasing was incredible.You do the whole package so well. Booking and setting up is a simple process, you allow us to retain the same pitch which is critical, and you don’t ask us to work silly hours. Your customer marketing is second to none, which is represented by the numbers (and calibre) of people attending your events. I am so looking forward to Newcastle's Fair! In addition, you help 'protect' our fledgling brand by refusing to accept direct competitors who effectively sell the same product. This is so important when events of a similar nature are happy to saturate their offering with who ever applies. We appreciate it.’
Blueberry Hill Preserves

'We had a fantastic four days at Living North's Christmas Fair in York. We couldn't sell enough beer, breads and cookie kits, and we sold out at 3:30pm on Sunday, so about right on stock! We had no problems and staff were great. We really enjoyed our time there. We got lots of positive feedback from customers about our products and about the event too.'
The Jar House

Just to say a big thanks to you all for another great show that you all put on. It was nice to see many returning customers who all had nice things to say about the event! 

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