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Terms and Conditions
The Boring (but important) Stuff…

Terms And Conditions

1. You must have paid for your ticket to reserve & confirm your booking.
2. Living North reserve the right to cancel your booking at any stage.
3. Living North reserve the right to refuse any bookings.
4. Living North reserve the right to refuse entry if payment has not been received.
5. Living North reserve the right to alter content and timings such as the identity of the presenter, the entertainment, the food and drink outlets and the location.
6. Living North are not liable for any losses or costs associated with alterations to the programme of events.
7. Should the event be postponed for any reason the ticket value will be transferred to the new date and location.
8. Should the event be cancelled for any reason the ticket holder will receive a full refund unless a force majeure applies.

Force Majeure

In the incident of a circumstance or occurrence out of our control such as an act of god, war, terrorism or threatened terrorism, fire, flood, drought, strike, lock out or actions of the venue we will not be liable for any losses, refunds or claims.

If you are not able to attend the event due to reasons beyond your control yet the event remains unaffected, Living North will not be liable to any losses, refund or claims. These reasons include all of the above circumstances.

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