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A Taste Of The Past


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Visit Beamish this weekend for WWI reenactments

Why not visit Beamish this weekend and see the Durham Pals First World War reenactment group? 

The reenactment group will recreate, as accurately as possible, army recruitment scenes in the town, pit village and events field of 1915. It’s a great experience for any children learning more about the First World War at school this year, and will give them a taste of what actually happened.

After the recruitment has taken place in the Masonic Hall, the recruits will be drilled on the Town Street, issued with army uniform, take basic army meals in the Carriage house, parade through the Town and learn how to operate a Lee Enfield Rifle. 

For more information, please visit www.beamish.org.uk/events/durham-pals

Published in: October 2015

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