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How to help save British cheese: with Black’s Corner


Buying cheese for a good cause? We're in!

British cheesemakers are suffering; Covid-19 has hit the industry hard with storerooms up and down the country full of unsold produce. Eager to help Black’s Corner in East Boldon have partnered with Neal’s Yard Dairy, to identify and reach out to British cheesemakers who need support but are too small to receive national help.

Their crowdfunding campaign features a selection of four cheeses carefully chosen by Black’s Corner and Neal’s Yard Dairy to be received on hitting the target of 300kg of cheese saved. Hampers of 0.75kg, 1.5kg and 3kg are available to save for a cost of £25, £50 and £100.

Adding to the support, the North East LEP has pledged to match up to 150kg of orders to help restock the Black’s Corner Deli fridges, after the success of their community outreach program which delivered almost 500 relief hampers to people in self isolation. This is an opportunity to help both a national cause and a local business.

Click here to join the crowdfunding campaign

Thinking about getting your hands on a cheese hamper? Here’s what you’ll recieve

With its orange-pink rind, Ogleshield has a gentle but complex flavour: it can be deeply savoury, almost reminiscent of chicken broth and has a sweet and milky aroma. It has a soft and pliant texture and melts beautifully; a perfect cooking cheese.

Made with pasteurised cow's milk and animal rennet.

This cheese tends to have a sweet, caramelly flavour profile. Occasionally some cheeses will develop light spicy flavours too. It has a crumbly, buttery texture with subtle blue veining throughout. 

Made with pasteurised cow's milk and vegetarian rennet.

A clothbound sheep’s milk cheese, flavours are lightly floral and brothy, with savoury notes of roast lamb. When chewed the texture is creamy and succulent.

Made with raw sheep's milk and animal rennet. 

Pitchfork is a "proper, old-fashioned Cheddar": full-bodied with a dense, creamy texture and an acidic, juicy bite.

Made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet. Clothbound with lard.


Published in: July 2020

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