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Palate Freshener: Disco street food, reasonably priced meals and award-winning curry


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Soul food in George Stephenson’s old workshop, an award-winning curryhouse in Sheffield and a chance to sample Sunderland’s burgeoning food scene

If you like: Street food with a side-order of disco
Then try: Northern Soul Food, Newcastle
This celebration of good music, good food and good vibes is sort of like a more chilled, family-friendly version of the old Boiler Shop Steamer events, and not just because it’s held in the same building: the quality of vendors is high (Log Fire Pizza Co will be there this Saturday 16 September, as will The Little Fishy), the DJs know one end of a banger from the other and there are enough hula hoops to keep several schools’ worth of overexcited kids busy.

If you like: Very, very, very reasonably priced meals
Then try: Sunderland Restaurant Week
While Wearside’s food scene never gets the plaudits that Tyneside’s does, and hasn’t got the nouveau hipster sheen that Middlesbrough’s Bedford Street still has, but this week’s a top opportunity to explore Sunderland’s restaurants. The familiar Restaurant Week principle (deals for £5, £10 or £15 meals across the city) are applied to the likes of Barnett’s, Asiana, City Bistro, No 2 Church Lane and River Bar – go explore.

If you like: Award-winning curries
Then try: Viraaj, Sheffield
This place has been named Yorkshire’s Restaurant of the Year at the diner-voted English Curry Awards, and with their emphasis on authentic dishes like the sweet, lightly spiced checken sakuti with brown sugar, garlic, ginger and coriander, they’re worthy winners. They’ve also got a properly annotated chilli scale of heat, which strikes us as a very sensible step on the way to standardising chilli heat scales across all restaurants everywhere.

Published in: September 2017

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