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Palate Freshener: Fancy kebabs & Revived real ale pubs


Image of Kabab sticks with thyme and dips
This Time: Gourmet kebabs in Durham, a revivified ale house in Bradford and artisan marshmallows in York

If you like: Fancy kebabs
Then try: Tango KGB, Durham
This place is a lot more welcoming than the Soviet secret police presumably would be if you popped around to their place for a quick pint and a show trial – in this instance, the KGB stands for ‘kebab gourmet burger’ rather than ‘komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti’. there are, as the name suggests, gourmet kebabs here taking influences from Turkey to Portugal, as well as big, messy burgers, grilled meats and – ahem – salads.

If you like: Artisan marshmallows
Then try: Hallo Mallow, York
Bagels, sandwiches, coffee and artisan marshmallows abound at this little deli near the river in Fulford. It’s also where Fiona Mozley, the York author who’s just made the Man Booker longlist for her debut novel Elmet, found out that she’d be rubbing shoulders with Arundhati Roy, Zadie Smith, Mohsin Hamid and other big dogs in the running for this year’s prize.

If you like: Revived real ale pubs
Then try: Exchange Ale House, Bradford
After lying empty for the last four years, there’s cheery news for this pub below the Wool Exchange in Market Street. Bradford Brewery are on board to get it up and running again, with the vaulted brick barrel ceiling and flagstone floor kept amid a pretty extensive renovation project. 

Published in: August 2017

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