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Palate Freshener: handcrafted pottery and luxury lunchboxes


Salad bowl
High-grade Mediterranean lunchboxes in Alnmouth, a new foodie destination in one of Newcastle’s oldest buildings and a mysterious bistro in Sheffield

If you like: High-quality lunchboxes
Then try: The Old School Gallery, Alnmouth
This gallery’s garden now has a Citroen van parked in it, and Andrew Aimes, formerly of Moro, Clarks and Gorden Ramsay’s Maze is at its helm. Their Mediterranean-styled boxes are meal boxes pack in zesty, smokey flavours.

If you like: Holy unexpected career moves
Then try: Dog Leap Café, Newcastle
Chef Dean Eccles has jumped to St Nicholas Cathedral from Tynemouth Golf Club to this new breakfast and lunch hangout, which puts local produce first – there’s a big specials board as well as a deli section. Being a keen potter, Dean made all the plates himself too. Quirk with quality.

If you like: A neighbourhood bistro which will make you look really cool when you casually drop it into conversation next time your mates are looking for somewhere to go
Then try: No Name, Sheffield
This little bistro in Crookes has a short, constantly changing menu which responds to both the market (the food market, not the Nasdaq) and the seasons. The aesthetic on the plate is refined and minimal, while its Twitter profile pic is a pair of Mexican wrestlers, which we are massively on board with. 

Published in: July 2017

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