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Brioche with apricot butter © Mike Cooper
This brioche literally melts in the mouth, and spread with apricot butter, it is the most...
Wholesome Breakfast Muffins © Mike Cooper
These tasty muffins are packed with banana, apricots and prunes. Topped with a touch of...
Giant Pretzel © Mike Cooper
These pretzels are not the small crisp variety that are found in Britain but are the soft...
Mini Spiced Berry Cobblers
Sometimes small is good and these little cobblers, full of winter spice flavours combined...
Pecan Praline and Chocolate Tart
This rich, indulgent dessert bar is almost like Toblerone chocolate. Pecans, toffee and...
Spanish chicken pie
The suet in this pie adds a touch of old world pastry-making to this delicious pie
Salmon, Wild Rocket and Orzo Pie
This free-form creation combines fresh salmon, pasta, lemon zest and feta, and is a...
Untraditional Shepherd’s Pie
Think of this as having all the elements of a classic Shepherd’s Pie but given a twist in...
Vegetable Risotto
The team at the brilliant Rockliffe Hall share their secrets to the perfect risotto


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