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Riverford Organics Recipe Box Review
Our Food and Drink Editor tries a recipe box from Riverford Organic for three days of fuss-free cooking
'Every ingredient was fresh and organic, and all we had to do was a little bit of chopping and stirring'
Riverford Organics Recipe Box Review

I was sitting at my desk, typing away, when a delivery man arrived with a large box bearing my name. Everyone in the office was intrigued. I was intrigued. It was a Riverford Organic recipe box, containing all the ingredients needed to create three meals for two people. 

Everything was packaged in perfect proportions, with minimal waste intended. The meat and dairy products were wrapped in an insulating cool bag and included were three recipes cards for quick and easy meals that take 30 minutes or less to get on the table.

Carrying it home on the metro was a bit of a challenge (I hadn’t thought that through when I had arranged for it to come to the office) but once home, my husband and I poured over the menus, wondering what to have for dinner that night. Our options were beef fajitas with tomatillo salsa and soured cream, oregano and lemon pork, with balsamic tomatoes and garlic beans or thirdly pasta genovese with salad. We decided on the beef fajitas.

Each recipe card gave easy, step-by-step instructions of how to prepare the dish, with minimal fuss – which is great after a busy day at work. However, there were no shortcuts. No ready-made sauces, no pre-cut vegetables. Every ingredient was fresh and organic, and all we had to do was a little bit of chopping and stirring and in 30 minutes dinner was on the table. It was delicious. 

The second and third nights were the same. Fresh ingredients and a delicious dinner rustled up in less time than it takes to wander aimlessly around the supermarket. The garlic butter beans with the pork dish were a great alternative to mashed potato, while the simple pasta dish on the third night was packed with flavour. (Riverford actually gave us a whole bag of organic pasta for the dish, but the recipe only called for half, so we made it again for lunch the following day). 

It’s not only Quick Recipe Boxes that are available from Riverford. They also do Vegetarian and Original Recipe Boxes (with seasonal dishes that might take longer to make), and their website tells you what recipes you’ll receive in your box depending on the week you order it as they change regularly to make the most of the seasonal produce. It gives those less confident in the kitchen a boost, knowing they can produce healthy, wholesome meals easily. 

Riverford also do meat, fruit and vegetable boxes where you order organic produce and then decide for yourself what you’re going to make from it. Order them as a one-off when you’re extremely busy and don’t have time to do the shopping, or plan meals, or work it into your weekly shop. I’d not really seen the need for recipe boxes before, but now I’m daydreaming about ordering another one, and another, and maybe another. 

To see what you could be having for dinner, visit www.riverford.co.uk

Published in: October 2015

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