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Autumn Garden Planning

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As August approaches, there are plenty of jobs to be done in the garden - from planting...
The ability to propagate is a key tool in the gardener’s arsenal. Follow these step-by-...
Bees are a vital part of our natural environment, but a series of setbacks has put them...
Summer is prime time for butterflies – but what can you do to make sure these winged...
How To Keep Your Garden Blooming Through Autumn
Wonderlawn Artificial Grass – Living North Promotion
Cuckooland Garden
6 Best Gardening Products For The Last Days of Summer
Birds eye view of an allotment
National Allotment Week
Verde Flowers Florist, Caroline Beck
Verde Flowers Florist, Caroline Beck


Autumn is a busy month in the garden. Just when you may think the pressure lifts a little...
We speak to Northumberland-based, garden designer Sophie Simpson, to find out how to keep...
Savour the last days of summer sun and long evenings by spending more time in the garden
Lawn Order: banish muddy gardens forever with Wonderlawn

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