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The Best Gardening Stands at Living North LIVE


Whether you want to bring the outdoors in, or get your garden geared up for spring, our Living North LIVE exhibitors have everything from exotic trees to perfect plant pots

Looking for a more eco-friendly, long-lasting pot for your plants? Sacpots are colourful plant pots made out of recyclable polypropylene making them durable, flexible and great for your plants. The hard-wearing fabric stretches to accommodate root growth, the knitted surface adds insulation, while the elasticated neck reduces evaporation, meaning less watering. 

Mud Kitchens 
Born out of a desire to provide children with the tools to have fun with the old tradition of making mud pies, Mud Kitchens design and build beautiful hand-crafted play stations to get children back to nature. Built from quality treated timber, each kitchen provides safe work surfaces and educational equipment to let their imaginations run wild. 

The Cactus Parlour 
Specialising in succulents of all types, The Cactus Parlour offer a truly unique and creative selection of potted plants for the home. All plants use organic coco compost, are plastic-free, and planted in a wide variety of stunning pots to provide a completely bespoke piece for your living space. 

Jardin De France 
Jardin De France specialise in high-quality, ratchet-action gardening tools perfect for those with arthritis, rheumatism, or painful wrists and hands. Whether you’re a seasoned sower or a complete amateur, their specially-made tools are designed to make gardening as comfortable as possible.

Urban Herbs 
Urban Herbs is a specialist stockist of unusual culinary herb blends. With a focus on flavour, each of their herbs seek to add that little bit extra – be it some spicy oregano to a curry, or a sprig of lime-infused mint to an ice cold mojito. 

Stoncecrop Nurseries 
Established 25 years ago, Stonecrop Nurseries are specialists in hardy mediterranean plants, including olive trees, citrus trees, oleanders and Italian cypress. They have received countless accolades, including the RHS Gold and Silver Gilt Medals. 

Freddie’s Flowers
Freddie’s Flowers is a flower box subscription service delivering fabulous, freshly-cut flowers straight from their growers to your door. Each delivery is cut and packed to order, resulting in minimal waste and long-lasting flowers that will bring some zen-like joy to your home. 

Lawn Hero
Lawn Hero creates bespoke lawn seed blends to boost levels of germination, strengthen root structure and create a thick and healthy lawn. They also provide garden landscaping services, from hedge management and tree surgery to decking and paving, meaning you can get your garden spring ready. 

Published in: February 2020

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