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Ahead of their debut appearance at the Living North Christmas Fair, we caught up with online eyelash store Lash Stash to talk all things falsies – not that you’d notice…
‘We are not a big machine that is only interested in making money, we care about what we do, we care about our customers and we care about our environment.’

You’ve got the dress, the heels, and the makeup is done to perfection, now it’s time for the finishing touch – lashes. Whether you like them thick and fluffy or long and luscious, there’s no disputing the impact a good pair of false eyelashes can have – transforming any ordinary look into a knock-out one at the blink of an eye. 

Experts in the industry, Washington-based online store Lash Stash sell a hand-picked range of high-quality, gorgeous eyelash extensions, from the silky and sultry to the bold and daring. Made from fine Korean PBT fibres, each pair of lashes are velvety soft which allows for a light and discreet fit over the eyelid – making chunky, uncomfortable lashes a thing of the past. 

Speaking to the store’s owner Carla Goddard, she explains just how important lashes can be: ‘I started Lash Stash off the back off a bad experience with lash extensions where I lost all of my natural lashes. I turned to false lashes, and they gave me my confidence back. 

‘Every girl will have a different approach to lashes – some wear them daily, and some will just wear them for occasions. However you use them, they can add a real wow factor by creating shape and drama to the eyes or complimenting a makeup look, as well as filling out your own natural lashes if yours are too thin or short.’ 

Lash application can be a tricky test even for the most experienced of us, made even worse when time is ticking and the party awaits – so Carla has provided a quick and easy seven-step guide to help you apply your falsies like a real lash-queen

Step 1: Gently remove your lashes from the tray using a pair of fine point tweezers, trying not to crimp your lashes 
Step 2: Stretch the lash band by rolling each end gently into a curve similar to your eye shape
Step 3: Measure the lashes by laying them along your lash line. On a flat surface, trim the excess band using sharp scissors from the outer corner of the eye
Step 4: Apply a coat of mascara to your own lashes – this will help your natural lashes to blend with your Lash Stash lashes
Step 5: Apply a thin layer of glue directly onto the cotton band of your lashes. Let the glue air dry (for as long as it says on the label) to create a tacky consistency to make applying them easier
Step 6: Looking at a mirror, use your tweezers (or your fingers if you prefer) to gently place the lash band as close to the lash line as possible. Start at the centre of the eye, moving outwards to the corners of your eye. Allow for around two minutes drying time
Step 7: Finally, brush your natural lashes into your new lashes to further blend the hairs and apply another layer of mascara if required. Et Voila! 

But, unlike the name indicates, it isn’t just lashes that they’re stashing – Lash Stash also stock a range of beauty tools too, including lash storage cases, makeup brushes and Carla’s favourite – their tweezers made with surgical precision: ‘We’ve had a phenomenal response to our tweezers, their strong grip means they really do catch every hair, every time. Everyone should have a pair!’ 

In today’s climate, premium quality usually means a premium price tag – and whilst life is becoming more and more expensive, feeling and looking good is still high on the agenda for many. However, Carla is seeking to aid this difficulty by making her products as affordable as possible: ‘One of our key priorities is to provide really high quality products which are affordable to everyone, and this ethos runs true for every one of our products. Our tweezers in particular retail at around 50% lower than their competitors.’ 

Coupling this affordability with responsibility, Lash Stash also donate a proportion of their profits to the current fire crisis in the Amazon Rainforest, alongside sourcing sustainable materials from companies who avoid animal testing: ‘We are not a big machine that is only interested in making money, we care about what we do, we care about our customers and we care about our environment.’

Lash Stash was born in a lightbulb moment whilst Carla was away on holiday, when she wanted to keep her false lashes in good condition but couldn’t find a case to store them in. Now, nearly three years later, her idea has blossomed into a booming business with ethics at its core – and the Washington-based lash expert is relishing the prospect of sharing her passion at the 2019 Living North Christmas Fair; 

‘This is our first time at both the Living North Newcastle and Yorkshire Fair, so we are most looking forward to interacting with people, letting them see and feel the quality of the products and hearing what they think.’

‘I don’t want to give too much away, but we will have the full range of lashes and beauty tools on offer at our stall. We’re also launching our new mens range of ‘Man Be’ products which will be available, including nail clippers, eyebrow tweezers with comb, leather wash bags and even bamboo socks.’

‘We are hoping to have a lot of fun, to share ideas with other traders but most importantly to spend valuable time meeting new customers. We look forward to seeing you there!’

Boasting a beautiful range of lashes fit for any sort of occasion and a whole host of other products, as well as sharing her top lash tips, one thing’s for sure – Lash Stash will be causing a flutter at the fair. 

You can find Lash Stash at the Living North Newcastle Christmas Fair (7th–10th November) on stand 37, and at the Living North Yorkshire Christmas Fair (14th–17th November) on stand E12. 

Published in: September 2019

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