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Chanel N°5 Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary


On the 100th anniversary of Chanel N°5, the infamous fashion house celebrates the legendary scent with a new film, Celebrity By, boasting international notable figures

The unmistakable musky aroma of Chanel N°5 is arguable the world’s most iconic perfume – withstanding the test of time and asserting itself as a signature in Chanel’s revolutionary fashion journey. This year, Chanel celebrates the scent’s 100th anniversary with a commemorative look into the ideal of ‘celebrity’ in a series of short films. Representing a diverse range of disciplines and geographies, Chanel has gathered international voices to reflect on the ever-evolving notion.

The film comprises notable figures such as esteemed former editor of Vanity Fair Graydon Carter, as well as the face of N°5 itself and celebrated actress Marion Cotillard. The speakers offer their unique reflection on the notion of celebrity over the past 100 years to the present day, and the legacy of Chanel N°5 in the shaping of the world of perfumery and beyond.

In the film, Graydon Carter describes celebrities during the birth of Chanel N°5 as exceptionally unique compared to the temporary way in which we consume them today. “The likes of Picasso and Coco Chanel are names then and names now because they left bodies of work that live on beyond them”, he says.

Coco Chanel imagined N°5 to ignite confidence and chic in women, whilst matching the fashion house’s revolutionary elegance for its time. In the present day, there is no doubt that the legendary scent has signified femininity and class during its longstanding reign in the world of perfumery.

You can discover the full film and individual videos at CHANEL.com

Published in: May 2021

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