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A Fabulous Facial


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At Sisters
At Sisters Hair & Beauty
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The most wonderful facial at the region’s leading skincare salon
‘The two hours have passed seemingly in a matter of minutes and I love the feel of my ‘new’ skin’

Very rarely do I lose it with my skin. Not because I’ve got great skin, more that it has always been fairly robust, reacting only rarely to life’s external and internal aggressors. A significant birthday however, seems to have sent it into somewhat of a decline. How did it know? The milestone birthday passed relatively unmarked except by my knees (why should they start to hurt now?) and my skin – which just doesn’t seem very happy. Waking up to dull, grey skin with frequent, if relatively small, outbreaks just wasn’t what I was used to – and facials have never been on my regular ‘to do’ list. 

The invitation to try At Sister’s popular Premium Facial came just at the right time, with a promise from beauty expert Joanne that it would definitely help my skin I arrived full of enthusiasm in the hope of revealing a ‘new’ me. The facial she wanted me to try is actually an amalgamation of all the best bit of other facials Joanne carries out. Borrowing the best bits, she works out what your skin is in need of most and then tailors the two hour-long facial to ensure you get the best results. In my case the list included a Dermalogica facial, orbital microdermabrasion, Caci jowl lift, Caci non-surgical face lift, hydrotone facial, enhanced tissue repair, LED light therapy and a wrinkle comb. Phew! 

Of course, I know none of this as I lie in my darkened treatment room. Joanne is an expert in skincare so I am immediately relaxed and happy for her to do her thing in the name of beauty and my skin. We begin with a double cleanse, swiftly followed by face mapping analysis so Joanne could determine exactly which products and treatments to use for best results. Orbital microdermabrasion is combined with LED light therapy and used to resurface the skin and buff away any dead cells. The amount of red and blue LED light can be adjusted depending on your skin condition, and what it would benefit from most. In my case 80% red was used to boost collagen and elasticity. The remaining 20% blue is to calm the skin. It also has anti-bacterial properties.

Joanne then applied a multivitamin exfoliation treatment to stimulate cell turnover and assist in hydration. It also brightens the skin. A facial steam is used to clear any blocked pores, swiftly followed by a multivitamin repair face and eye masque. Joanne then used the Caci machine which involves passing probes across the skin which transmit a microcurrent designed to lift and tone muscles. Not unpleasant, it left a slight prickling feeling on my skin – but I am definitely of the school of thought which firmly believes you need to feel something for it to be working.

By now we are more than half way and I can feel my skin tingling with pleasure. It certainly feels clean, which I love. Enhanced tissue repair is next, again the treatment is used to stimulate collagen and help reduce fine lines. Joanne then applies a moisture-infused gel mask which I expect to melt, but it doesn’t. It does feel quite fabulous though and plumps and smoothes my skin. More light therapy – the wrinkle comb applicator – further softens deeper lines and wrinkles and is clearly a very viable, needle-free alternative to collagen injections and other dermal fillers. The final flourish is a bespoke mixture of Joanne’s magic serums, hyaluronic filler and lightening serum and Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 for protection.

The two hours have passed seemingly in a matter of minutes and I love the feel of my ‘new’ skin. A week on there is still a visible difference. My skin has returned to its normal self, only brighter (and perhaps a little less wrinkly). It certainly looks better. More rested and definitely not dull.

A course of treatments is advised to achieve maximum results and Living North readers are lucky to be able to take advantage of a 40% discount on a course of 10, saving £386.

Premium Facial (two hours) £96.50
0191 232 5821 

Published in: August 2014

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