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From spa treatments to lasers, the beauty industry boasts a growing number of cosmetic options. But which deliver the best results?
‘Over-the-counter creams claim to be able to reduce wrinkles and give a youthful glow, but when our faith in these products wavers, what is the next step?’

Developments are constantly being made in the beauty industry promising effective and long-lasting results but as the majority of people simply want some help in achieving a natural look – not one that completely changes their face – some of these can seem a little radical. Over-the-counter creams claim to be able to reduce wrinkles and give a youthful glow, but when our faith in these products wavers, what is the next step?

The market has evolved in recent years to give customers a broader spectrum of options. If the thought of a surgical procedure doesn’t appeal, there are now semi-permanent treatments and new, less radical procedures that offer a halfway house between low impact spa facials and the nip and tuck. These treatments claim to be able to turn back the clock by tightening and smoothing the skin with gels, lasers and peels instead of the scalpel. 

Here is our review of some of the latest and most effective treatments to try in the North East.


Revitalise Your Skin

Facials can be tailored to each individual’s skin tone – a huge advantage when you want something that will target specific problem areas. A completely customisable facial treatment is offered at At Sisters Hair and Beauty, which will map out the areas of your face that need the most attention using a skin scanner. It promises to be a totally unique experience, allowing each person to walk away from their facial with an up-to-date understanding of the condition of their skin and the treatment they need.
At Sisters Hair & Beauty 47 Pink Lane, Newcastle 
0191 232 5821

The relaunched House of Savannah offers peels, wraps and massages for dry, oily and sensitive skin and tailor their ethically sourced, luxurious products to deliver the best results. To lift and tighten the skin, opt for a renewing treatment or choose a dual peel for exfoliating and refreshing effects.  
House of Savannah Art of Hair & Spa 1 Old Eldon Square, Newcastle
0191 230 1919

If you are thinking about a facial but can’t decide between exfoliation or revitalisation, turn to a package that can tell you. Using SkinVision technology, LimeHouse Spa can provide massages, peels and cleansing treatments to target anything from fine lines and wrinkles to oily or hormone-imbalanced skin. The spa team will tailor the package to suit your specific needs – an excellent way to re-discover a nourished complexion, improve circulation and exfoliate tired skin during the winter months.
LimeHouse Spa Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankland Lane, Durham
0191 372 7223

 If you like to spend time in the sun, you may find that you want to target blemishes and sun spots. Consider a chemical peel. Resurfacing the skin is an effective way of plumping and tightening the lower levels of skin and, as long as they aren’t used too often, can leave the renewed skin looking younger. A Vita in Yarm use either trichloroacetic acid, which removes the first layer of skin (effective to reduce the effects of scarring) or glycolic acid, which incorporates innovative stem cell technology to reduce the signs of ageing. If you are worried about where to start, they also come in a range of strengths.
A Vita 22 High Street, Yarm 
01642 782221

The NeoStrata ProSystem skin peel provided at The Newcastle Skin Clinic uses glycolic acid to improve the surface of the skin, but also incorporates citric and mandelic acid into the treatment, which are sourced from food and fruits. Completely non-toxic, they require minimal recovery time. Opting for this peel gives you more flexibility too – it comes in four concentration options and, if used in a series of monitored appointments, can freshen, smooth and revive the skin surface.
Newcastle Skin Clinic 68 Jesmond Road West, Newcastle
0191 500 0330


Eliminate Blemishes

Unwanted sun spots, thread veins, hair and scars can all be removed with a laser treatment known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Quick and simple, this procedure offers an alternative to other more invasive or surgical treatments as bursts of light target the problem areas to break up the blemishes. This also increases the growth of collagen, giving a fresh, healthy look. Sunderland-based Orchid Aesthetics recommend that a series of three to four IPL treatments is necessary to see the best benefits, with each one lasting a maximum of 30 minutes.
Orchid Aesthetics  Unit 70T, Wessington Way, Sunderland
0191 516 6448

The NLite used at Laserase has a similar effect to IPL treatments, but uses a low-power yellow light, which makes unsightly blood vessels look as if they have been destroyed, when usually they haven’t. This is a comparatively gentle approach, but may take a little longer to be as effective – on average, three treatments are recommended over a time frame of around six months.  
Laserase Freeman Road, High Heaton, Newcastle
0191 213 0666

An alternative method to quickly remove skin blemishes is electrolysis. Using a probe, a charge is passed along the skin which can destroy and remove thread veins. The experienced team at Reflections in Corbridge can offer an advanced form of electrolysis, which normally lasts around 15 minutes and can be used to remove other blemishes too such as warts and skin tags.
Reflections 19 Hill Street, Corbridge
01434 633011


Slightly More Permanent

Semi-permanent cosmetics, or micropigmentation, is one of the newest treatments available on the market. Delivered by specialist tattooists, small amounts of pigment are inserted into the skin through a course of injections, to enhance and define eyes, eyebrows and lips. Pigments are chosen to match skin tone and complement each individual, and in the case of eyebrows, will last a few months before fading. Expert Ann Oliver Harvey has been practising cosmetic treatments for 25 years, and will help you to identify how the procedure can work best for you. 
Ann Oliver Harvey Private consulting rooms at various clinics throughout the North East 07739 391284

The production of collagen and elastin is key to maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance and one of the most effective methods used to stimulate it is Dermaroller therapy. By rolling thousands of fine needles over the skin, tiny puncture marks are made in the surface, which causes the skin to regenerate and renew cells in the process. Practices, such as Dr Eva’s Health and Beauty in Newcastle, advise that a course of three treatments is usually needed over a period of six months to see the best results, but improvements can be made in just one visit. 
Dr Eva’s Health and Beauty, Newcastle
07804 472861

Anti-wrinkle injections, the most well-known being Botox, have undoubtedly had a huge impact on the beauty scene and are not without their own bad press, but there are now better alternatives. Dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm (a face filler made from hyaluronic acid) are available at Novellus Aesthetics and can last between six months and a year. Ideal for lines around the nose and mouth and the forehead, this can give a smoother, more youthful appearance with a more lasting effect.
Novellus Aesthetics 16 Clayton Road, Jesmond, Newcastle
07973 204276

A longer-term option for those who want to ward off signs of ageing and boost the elasticity of their skin is Mesotherapy. Hydrating vitamins are injected into the middle layer of the skin, to maintain good levels of collagen and elastin production and keep the skin fat-free. Behind The Scenes deliver this treatment in full hour and half-hour sessions, and can target it to the face, chest and hands (the areas most likely to show signs of age). It lasts three to four months and a bright, glowing complexion can be achieved after a minimal number of appointments. 
Behind The Scenes 3 Ash House, Bell Villas, Ponteland, Newcastle 
01661 824080

Thread veins are a common prompt for treatment and if you want a more direct approach to removing feeder veins (the blue ones), opt for microsclerotherapy. A solution will be injected into the wall of the vein, and despite perhaps being more uncomfortable than other procedures, this will lead to the vein being fully absorbed and permanently removed. 
LPG Endermologie Clinic 7 West City Business Park, Durham
0191 378 7844

Published in: October 2014

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