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Stubble Trouble?


The days of bearded ladies in travelling circuses are long gone. It’s time to tackle facial hair – and fast – using these tried and tested techniques
‘Getting rid of fine facial hair is easier than you think’

Facial hair is perhaps the last beauty taboo we’re reluctant to discuss. Give us Brazilians and colonic irrigation any day, but when it comes to admitting we suffer from facial hair problems, we’d rather keep it a secret. In certain cases, excess facial hair can be the result of an underlying health issue, but for minor cases, getting rid of fine facial hair is easier than you think.

The perfect option when it comes to getting rid of fine facial hair, threading is an ancient technique that involves rolling a thin, twisted cotton thread over the hairs and plucking stray ones out. Unlike tweezing, threading doesn’t pull at surrounding delicate skin like waxing or plucking does. The results can last for up to six weeks and best of all, the new hair growth is thinner and softer every time. 

Laser hair removal is perfect for targeting dark hairs before they turn into a dreaded five o’clock shadow. Hair on our face takes around four weeks to grow, and with a minimum of eight treatments required, laser removal reduces hair growth by 70 percent. The treatment involves targeted laser beams which reduce the production of melanin, the substance which gives hair and skin its colour. Over the course of multiple treatments, the lasers cause long-lasting thermal damage to the hair follicle, and any dark hairs begin to lose their colour and fall out. Although laser hair removal takes around six months to a year to complete, the treatment is pain free and noticeable results can be seen early on.

Intense pulsed light treatment (IPL) is ideal for dark hairs, thanks to the high-speed pulsing light that focus on the melanin pigmentation in the hair. Using intense heat to burn the hair follicle, IPL is surprisingly not as painful as it sounds. A consultation and patch test is required a week before your first treatment, which takes about 20 minutes. IPL is a permanent hair reduction treatment that can take anywhere for three weeks to three months or longer to complete, depending on the individual. 

The beauty of electrolysis is that it is safe to use on any type of hair and produces guaranteed results. Be prepared to put the time in, as electrolysis treats individual hairs, with sessions lasting an average of 30 minutes. The treatment involves inserting a minuscule needle into each individual hair follicle and blasting it with an electric current which cuts off the blood supply to the follicle, eventually killing it. Admittedly there are less painful treatments, but electrolysis is a sure-fire permanent hair removal technique. 

Published in: January 2015

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