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Toning Down The Hands Of Time


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Fay Pratt is the Spa Manager at the Aqua Vitae Spa and Leisure Club at the award winning Matfen Hall Hotel in Northumberland, with over 14 years’ experience in the spa and beauty industry
'The earlier you establish a daily skin care routine, the better. It should feature cleansing and toning –removing daily impurities and preparing your skin for your chosen moisturiser'

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So, who better to offer some insights pointers and priceless tips on anti-ageing skin care?


There’s no two ways about it, everyone’s skin will age over time. But how we treat our skin and choose to care for it can certainly help preserve a youthful look.


When it comes to what affects your skin and how it ages, the key factors to consider are UV light, stress, high-energy visible light, sleep, diet, wellbeing and genetics. That’s a pretty broad church of things to consider, but pollution and sun exposure have been found to contribute to a whopping 90% of visible ageing.


That’s why protecting your skin from the earliest age possible is so important. Your first port of call should be a day cream with a decent sun protection factor (SFP) – at least 15 – which will help preserve your skin health.


While we can often see the effects of stress, lack of sleep and poor diet literally written all over our faces, the negative effects of UVA light penetrate deeper into the skin, damaging existing skin cells and influencing the cell renewal process. And not in a good way.


It’s not just naturally-occurring light we have to watch out for. The latest research has shown the high energy visible light emitted from smart devices and computer screens can cause damage to the skin and ultimately lead to accelerated skin ageing.


So, what are the best ways to combat all this? The earlier you establish a daily skin care routine, the better. It should feature cleansing and toning –removing daily impurities and preparing your skin for your chosen moisturiser. Ooh, and did I mention a weekly exfoliation session?


From the age of 25, you should be considering anti-ageing day and night creams to help maintain and stimulate cell renewal, as well as improving hydration levels and strengthening your skin. The best way to find the products that work for you is to schedule a facial. 


As well as allowing you to discover what works for your skin, it will also offer you some bona fide ‘you time’ and a sure-fire way to reduce your stress levels.


If you haven’t had the pleasure of a facial before, I would recommend sampling a hands-on approach first. Meanwhile, if you are concerned with skin-ageing and prevention, go for an electrical option, as you will see more visible results.


Elemis, which we use in the Aqua Vitae Spa, has developed a unique range of Biotec facials, which can target specific skin concerns, offer signature hands-on massage and combines five technologies into one machine.  The blending of these three elements allows your therapist to tailor your treatment and provide you with clinically

proven results. 


So, if you’re looking to keep your skin looking like it’s still in its prime for as long as possible, here are my five top tips:


  • Don’t wait to establish a skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising morning and night.
  • Schedule a regular facial.
  • Don’t’ forget to take care of your eye area.
  • Make sure you protect your skin from UV and environmental damage.
  • Exfoliate at least once a week.
Published in: April 2018

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