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Why Weight Lift?


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Living North’s Health Columnist Chris Matthews talks the top five benefits of weightlifting

Osteoporosis causes a bone fracture every two minutes in those over the age of 50. How do you prevent yourself from becoming a part of this statistic? 
You start weight training now – that's how. What's even better is that you'll experience the benefits of weightlifting in the short term too. 

Why weight lift?
• Increase Connective Tissue, Muscle Mass, and Tendons 
As you build more of these connections your motor abilities increase. Your body also becomes accustomed to healing itself. What these two things do is make it less likely for you to get injured and when you do, you heal faster. Your body will have the connections in place to build on and the ability to build more connections. 

• Improve Bone Density 
As you get older, your bones start to lose their density. You can combat this though by adding strength training to your workout routine. Remember how we mentioned that those over 50 suffer bone fractures at an alarming rate? Well, that's because we lose bone density at a rate of one percent per year after age 40. So that's 10 percent by the time you are 50, and 20 percent by the time you’re 60! 

• Increase Work Capacity 
When you add weight training to your workout routine, you condition your muscles to handle a certain amount of work. This prepares them for use in our everyday life but it also prepares you to lift heavier weights when working out. If you have started weight training, but have stopped seeing results, you have plateaued. When this happens, you need to change up your weight lifting strategy to further challenge your muscles. 

• Promote Fat-Free Body Mass 
When we are young, lean muscle mass is easy to build. But as we get older, it becomes harder to build and retain. When you strength train, you work at retaining this muscle mass as you age. This reduces the likelihood of it turning into fat. For men, your ideal body fat percentage falls in a range of 10 to 20 percent, while for women the range is from 18 to 28 percent. Not sure what your body fat percentage is? We recommend you find out so you can start working towards a healthy goal.

• Improve Quality of Life 
As you lift weights, your body shape will start to change. Your muscles will develop more, and your fat percentage will drop. As you see the progress you make, your confidence will increase. This body positivity will transfer over into other areas of your life. Plus, working out releases endorphins that will make you feel good. The positive effects of these chemicals last longer than your time in the gym. A positive outlook results in greater personal satisfaction and overall improved quality of life. 

With all of these benefits of weightlifting, why haven't you included it in your workout routine? Your body will benefit from physical activity. Your mind will benefit from the improved self-image and endorphin release. Your overall life will improve from the positive outlook and increased physical abilities. 

Chris Matthews
Founder & CEO
Alevere & Silverlink Clinics

Published in: May 2019

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