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Why You Should Add Mushroom to Your Skincare Routine


From the kitchen cupboards to your bathroom cabinets, we discover why the latest in natural beauty will have you foraging down the beauty aisles in search of a brighter, more youthful complexion

The mushroom industry is set to be worth over £45 billion by 2021 (Zion Market Research) and whilst we’ve been aware of their health benefits for some 7,000 years, the recent wellness boom has caused us to seek out mushrooms as part of our search for more natural and organic remedies. Medicinally, dermatologists have used mushrooms’ healing properties to create topical treatments and chemical peel formulas for acne sufferers, while in the beauty industry, Origins was one of the first brands to harness the ingredient and create a unique and best-selling, ‘Mega-Mushroom’ line, under the guidance of Dr Andrew Weil, over 10 years ago. Due to its popularity and the emerging benefits of the earth-grown fungus, they teamed up again to bring a few new additions to the family, and new and improved formulas. 

With their skin-enhancing properties ranging from anti-ageing and brightening, to anti-oxidising and anti-inflammatory, mushrooms could be the answer to all of our skin problems. And, as well as improving your skin’s current condition, they’ll also improve its resilience, making whatever your skin has to face going forward, that little bit less harsh.

But where should you start? The fungi kingdom features thousands of different species, and all offer a plethora of skin-enhancing benefits. Reishi and Oyster can help firm and brighten dull and sagging skin; Shiitake offers solutions to pigmentation issues like sun spots and acne scarring; and Cordyceps and Chaga can soothe irritated skin. Most mushroom extracts can be incorporated into any formula, but leave-on products like masks and over-night moisturisers that are able to harness vital ingredients, are more beneficial in re-balancing and smoothing the skin.

While some skin-care companies formulate special mushroom-based products, you might be surprised to find some how many products include the hidden benefits of mushrooms. Try introducing them into your daily routine for happier, healthier skin.

Published in: June 2019

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