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10 telltale signs that you need a new bathroom


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You might know that your bathroom is in dire need of a makeover – or perhaps it’s something you’ve been avoiding for years

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Maybe you know your bathroom is in dire need of a makeover, or perhaps it’s something you’ve been avoiding for years. Either way, if any of these 10 telltale signs from bathroom retailer Easy Bathrooms ring true, then isn’t it about time you got on with it…?

1. Your tub, toilet and sink are avocado green
The 1960s called, and they want their suite back. It was all the rage 60 years ago, but 2018 is not the place for an avocado-coloured bathroom — it screams ‘update me’!

2. Your ‘retro’ tiles are not the trendy kind
If you’re clinging to the hope that your outdated tiles are going to make a comeback, the reality is that you could be waiting a while. Patterned styles are all the rage right now, but it should say ‘chic pad’ rather than ‘granny’s pantry’. 

3. Your extractor fan is louder than your music
There’s nothing worse than your shower sing-a-long being drowned out by a clanging, whirring extractor fan. Or, there might be; your relaxing, bath mood music being drowned out by a clanging, whirring extractor fan.

4. Your ceiling and walls are covered in Artex
Artex — available in the swirl, popcorn or shell pattern — is mainly favoured by the elderly and the sight-impaired. Certainly not the interior-conscious. While it’s infamous for being difficult to remove, it’s worth the elbow-grease. Or the money to pay someone to do it for you. 

5. Your bathroom smells like a bathroom
We don’t mean those sweet tones of vanilla or Shea butter (like it should smell). We’re talking about that damp, mildew odour, often caused by slow leaking pipes or a lack of air circulation. 

6. You have heavy window curtains
Those curtains you thought were ‘nice’ 15 years ago, are actually now heavy, drab and get damp when you run a bath. It’s a good thing you can invest in obscure window glass or blinds. Or you could really go all out and get both. 

7. You can’t see what you’re doing before 8am and after 4pm in winter
With winter drawing in, it’s usually dark when you’re getting ready for work or bed. Your poor lighting means that you often stub your toe on your vanity unit and have even been known to leave the house with toothpaste around your mouth. If this is the case, it’s time to spend a little money on some quality LED lighting. 

8. Your feet are blocks of ice as soon as they hit the tiled floor
As soon as temperatures drop to 15 degrees outside, your bathroom floor instantly feels like -15 degrees. Stepping out of your morning shower or hot steamy bath onto a cold floor is just no fun. That’s why underfloor heating is basically a 2018 essential.

9. Your cleaning products are hanging out for the world to see
Beauty products being on-show might be acceptable. But a corner piled up with cleaning solutions is not. Unattractive by nature, these should be hidden away in clever storage spaces.

10. It’s carpeted
As a place you go to clean yourself, a carpeted floor might be the ultimate bathroom no-no. Just think of all the dirt that’s built up in the damp fibres over the years! So if it’s cosy toes you’re after, there are better ways to go about it.

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Published in: December 2017

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