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Relax at Home with Better-Quality Sound


Linn Majik
We’re all spending a lot more time at home and one of the best ways to relax is taking time out to watch and listen to our favourite music, films and TV shows

If you’re looking for better-quality sound to unwind, Peter Tyson has the ideal products for you.

Whether you’re seeking your first authentic hi-fi or you’re looking to add high-end hi-fi in more rooms, Peter Tyson have got you covered with the new Majik DSM from Linn.

The original Majik was launched 10 years ago – but this new generation is a must-have for all home-birds. The new Majik DSM is a single box that does it all – a combination of music player, pre-amp and power amp, it has everything you’ll need to enhance the sound in your home. Just add speakers, and even a turntable!

Handmade just outside Glasgow by a family-owned company established in 1973, you can chill out with a glass of wine and enjoy this powerful sound from a luxury product that you can cherish for more than 20 years. 

Connect it to your TV to make the most of your favourite shows and films, and make it your own by choosing from a variety of colours – you can match your turntable and speakers to any colour for a personalised system that’s uniquely yours. The Majik DSM even contains an amp designed to power high-quality headphones. 

Find out more and give the Linn Majik DSM a test drive by visiting Peter Tyson in Kingston Park, or visit

Published in: September 2020

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