Manager of QS Supplies, Zain Member, talks taps and give us tips as we learn what’s on trend this year in bathroom design

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With home owners getting choosier about designing their bathrooms, there is a growing trend amongst homeowners of allocating large sums of money to design and decoration. Would you agree?

Yes, you are absolutely right. Gone are the days when the bathroom was an unimportant part of the house, used only for basic purpose. Homeowners paid little attention to the quality of the bathroom furniture. However, in the last decade or so, a lot has changed. From carefully choosing the bathroom furniture combination, to selecting the colour of the walls so they match the tiles, decorating a bathroom has now been elevated to a fine art.

What suggestions would you make to home owners who are planning on redesigning their bathroom?

Well, it all begins with finalising requirements and allocating a realistic budget to bathroom furniture and decor. The budget decides the brand, and subsequently the quality. Once the homeowner freezes their budget, with a 10% escalation margin, they should start checking the different brands offering products across the bathroom furniture range which they have shortlisted.

Where do you suggest they make a start?

The trend these days is to research online the various brands across different furniture categories and price points. Alongside independent brand websites, you should check online multi-brand stores, allowing you to compare prices. You can browse their entire collection and place your order, all from the comfort of your home. The biggest advantage of these online multi-brand stores is the price, the discount is sometimes so huge that you will be tempted to buy immediately. 

That is a good start, I must say. However, wouldn’t the buyer like to see and touch the furniture first, before making a purchase?

All online stores have a full replacement guarantee, so that if what is delivered to the buyer is different to what was ordered, they have the right to return the order. This also applies if the product is damaged, and the company will replace it with a new piece. However, for buyers who are not too comfortable with simply viewing an image of the product, there are large single and multi-brand retail stores across UK, where they can touch and get a feel for the furniture.

How would you advise our readers to decorate their bathroom space?

Well now, that is an area where the only limit is your imagination. From striped walls, to antique accessories from around the world, you can enhance your aqua space in many interesting ways. A mosaic of different tiles over a washbasin is a trend which is fast catching on. A uniquely shaped and framed mirror is enough to stand out strikingly. However, furniture should always be chosen with the size and shape of the bathroom in mind; an obscenely large bathtub or shower enclosure in a small bathroom is an immediate visual put off.


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Published in: January 2019

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